Tuesday 30 March 2010

Just Catching Up

Hello Peeps! Ive been poised to do a blog entry since last week but somehow other things keep getting in the way. We had a great break in Poland, apart from DH completely driving me nuts, lol, you've heard the saying 'less is more', well let me tell you, that saying definitely applies to time spent with my DH. Perhaps it's because I'm only used to his company at the weekends (and let me tell you I'm quite happy with that!) but i had forgotten how he can sulk and take offence at the smallest thing!! Oh well, i suppose we all have our crosses to bear, and he's mine, lol.
While in Poland we visited Auschwitz which was something else, there really are some horrific tales from that place, and also the salt mines which was OK but not as exciting as i thought it would be. The weather was kind to us, not cold like i thought it would be, in fact when i phoned home they told me it was wet and miserable in the UK whereas Poland was basking in sunshine! I haven't managed to upload any photos of the trip yet, perhaps over the Easter break I'll have time.
Saturday just gone was the Hobby Craft show at the NEC in Birmingham so i took myself off there for the day on Saturday, just me myself & I, it was heaven! here's a few stitchy goodies i bought home with me.

The plastic thread keeper i bought before i came across the wooden ones, i much prefer the wood. The thread heaven i haven't used yet but have heard good reports.

And because a girl can't have enough handbags, this beautiful Italian bull leather handbag found it's way home with me :-) I also treated myself to a new phone case & specs case in a funky purple colour.
I bought the little charm on the bag on Saturday too. The bag was way, way (like a week of my wages expensive!!!!!) but the little charm is cheap & cheerful!
I knew my DH had his good points :-) one of them being he never ever complains if i spend money, nor does he ever ask how much anything costs, just says, 'yeah nice' so he's not so bad ;-)
When i was catching up on blogs last week i found out Sherry had left me my first award! Thank you so much for thinking of me Sherry. I'm supposed to pass it onto 12 bloggers but I've been looking around and most of the blogs i read have already been awarded this, so I'll cheat a little and say that if i read your blog or you are on my blog roll and have not received this award then consider yourself Sunshine awarded!

Another lovely surprise was to find out that i had won a consolation prize from Felicity i shall eagerly await the post man!

Well that's about it for now, you will have noticed that there are no stitchy pics, I've been stitching, honest! and to prove it an update of Rubie Owl will follow soon. Until then, take care x

Monday 15 March 2010

I'm Still Here - Honest!

Bet you thought seeing as I'd been MIA for so long that i would have lots of little x's to show, you will be sorely disappointed my friends, there are no stitchy updates for this post, sorry to say that there is hardly anything worth showing. I have some purchases from the Bay of Evil which i will share next time & a new way to store my WIPs' which I'm pleased to have found, also to be shared next time :-)
My photography class is going well, still really enjoying it (thank you for all your wonderful comments on my 'Love of Books' photo) they really did boost my confidence & for me it was definitely my best shot yet! I have signed up for the Spring term classes so hopefully will have more shots to share. We've been working on Cyanotypes, a form of early printing and i was extremely pleased with my print, so pleased I'm intending on getting it framed! I'll show that over the next few weeks too Sorry to be such a tease ;-)
I'm still on my health eating 'none diet' and (drum roll please) i have now lost 15Lb's. I can't tell you how good it felt when i took a pair of size 12 jeans (UK sizing) in the changing room on Saturday and they FIT!!! I have tried loosing weight in the past but never stuck to anything and i don't know why this time should be any different, it just has, i really think the eating breakfast at 'breakfast time' has helped. Also not labeling it as a 'diet' has helped, i have not bought any special diet options of anything, just cut out the crap and learnt to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full! and obviously that's what's working for me so I'm sticking to it!
Anyway, what i came here to say is that we are off on one of our little sight seeing trips again on Wednesday, Krakow in Poland this time, we will be back sometime the following Monday and if time allows i will update stitching and such after that.
That's it for now, off to sort out my waterproof jacket as the weather forecast for Poland is still showing little snowflakes!!
Have fun whatever you may be up to x