Monday 1 January 2024

My year in projects

Happy New Year! 
 Lets hope its a good one for all.

I wanted to write a post over the Christmas period but I came down with Covid the day after my birthday then spent the next two day in bed.  It wiped me out for a couple of days, thankfully I feel better now.  The symptoms were not like I had before, I was congested with a tickly cough for a couple of days but I didn't lose my sense of taste or smell, I was however really exhausted, then by last night all my symptoms seemed to disappear, just as quick as they came.   I will test again in a couple of days to make sure I'm negative before I go anywhere near people, I know there are relaxed rules now but I still don't think it's fair to pass it on knowingly, you never know what health issues other people are dealing with do you?
My middle daughter Joanne also tested positive with the same symptoms as me although, she still has quite a cough but, surprisingly neither Mark or any of the rest of the family that were here over Christmas has had it.

Anyway, on to the makes......These are my last finishes for this year end, one pair of Christmas socks and the last stitched piece for the Stick6in2023

 I ran out of time to complete my socks to wear on Christmas Eve but I did finish them on Boxing Day, so still classed as a Christmas finish.  They are knitted in the Vintage Tinsel colourway by West Yorkshire Spinners.  This was their Christmas colourway from 2021, back then It didn't really appeal to me, then I saw someone knitting it up this year and thought It was beautiful, funny how we change our minds isn't it?

I used Amethyst, also by WYS, for the heels and toes and I love them!  You can't really see from the photo how sparkly they are, but take my word they do sparkle :-)

My Stick6in2023 piece for the months of November and December was finished just in the nick of time.  I must confess that I didn't much enjoy stitching this one, hence the amount of time It took me to finish.  Those snowflakes were a pain in the butt and I struggled to see, even with my magnifier, the 32 count fabric.  Still, It's done now and I love the way it came out.  
What you can't really tell from the photo is that the fabric I stitched on was blue and the finishing fabric is navy blue velour.

When I think of Winter by Puntini Puntini

I've really enjoyed taking part in this SAL hosted my Martina and Manuela, amazingly I managed to complete all six parts!   I'm already looking forward to joining in throughout 2024, thanks ladies for hosting.
Now that I've shared my end of year finishes it's time for a round up of everything I made during the rest of 2023.

There were ten pairs of socks 
Three sewing finishes, 
(I made two of the bags, one for Bonnie and one for her friend)
Two baby blankets
Twelve stitched finishes
Two jumpers
One cardigan
Four forgotten projects finished off, two were baby cardigans, one was crochet blanket and of course Albert the rabbit :-)
And last but not least, because they will be the most used, Thirteen dishcloths!


I stitched more in 2023 than I have for a few years and I really enjoyed all my projects, well except for the last one, lol.  I'll share some plans I have for 2024 another time as this post has gone on long enough, and If you are still here at this point, thank you for reading👍   

I'll say goodnight and leave you with a photo of my Winter bowl, the idea for which I shamelessly stole from the lovely Carol over at Stitching Dreams, I hope you don't mind my friend 😉