Tuesday 24 March 2015

Note To Self.....

I must be a better blogger!

I had a post all ready to go 3 weeks ago, I really did, (actually did it my 'spare' time at work), all
I had to do was add the photos when I got home, easy peesy, unless you get distracted by other things, as I clearly did :-)

What I wrote is so out of date that it's not worth posting, I've finished one, and almost finished another two of the crafty projects I was going to show you, (so more photos need taking), so until that task is done I'm satisfying myself with a Stitch From Stash report.

Report Month:- March
Carried Forward From February:- £35.20
Earned:- £0
Spent:- £11.70
March Allowance:- £20

Balance to Carry Forward for April:- £43.50

I asked the question last time, are you putting actual money away each month, or do you count the monthly allowance as "virtual" money? But I never told you what I was doing, just in case you are wondering, I am putting my £20 away each month and will take the money out as and when I need to buy anything.

This little pot is hidden away in my craft cupboard.

My spending was the result of a visit to the Hobby Craft Show at the NEC at the weekend, where my only stitching related purchase was the necessary threads to start these charts, which were a pre Christmas present to myself :-)

I resisted all other temptations of charts and aids to stitching :-)

However.... I did purchase yarn for myself,
(knitting and or crochet supplies do not come out of my stitching budget ;-)
And as daughter #2 has taken up an interest in sewing recently I bought her 4 sewing patterns, which in all fairness were a really good price at just over £3 each - the stall was 3 people deep for most of the afternoon!!

One of her gifts to me this Mother's Day was a lovely owl she made.

Isn't he lovely?
(His feet look odd on this photo, but they are perfectly fine and the same size, I think it's just the way he was hanging)

She shared a photo of this on FB the day before Mother's Day, I didn't know then that she would be giving it to me the next day and I was thrilled to bits when I opened it, he has a place on my wardrobe door at the moment and he makes me smile every morning :-)

looks like she has unlocked a hidden talent don't you think :-)

Well, that's it for now, short and sweet this time and, at least it's an up-to-date blog post, lol

Have a great week