Sunday 26 September 2010

The nights are drawing in and there is a definite chill in the air here in my part of the UK, a reminder that Christmas is just around the corner :-0 and it will soon be time to decorate my tree with all those lovely LHN ornies i have been stitching, i can't wait!
So i got a move on and completed another 2.
Here's the Red House. I didn't have the required red for the house so i used my favourite red, Threadworx 1089
I do love little houses, and i think this one is my favourite ornie at the moment.
Next is another cute little snowman, i wasn't too kean on this when i first saw the chart but he has grown on me since stitching him.
Again i substituted the green because i didn't have what was called for, i used a Weeks thread instead.
Not in the Christmas theme but, i do have another finish, Souvenir de France which was a freebie doing the rounds a while ago.
Finished as a pin pillow using DMC 4140 (variegated thread). It's a little big for a pin pillow really but at least i now have somewhere to stick my needle when i finish stitching for the night :-)
I have been working on Yesteryear a little too but it got abandoned in favour of all the above, it's on my list to get finished off by the end of October though if i possibly can.
I'll be MIA for the next week, we are going on our last sunshine break of the year, we shall be in Gran Canaria by this time tomorrow night, hopefully i'll be sitting somewhere warm with a glass of Sangria in my hand, lol.
Thank you for your visits and comments, they really make my day :-)
Have a great week whatever you may be up to. xx

Thursday 2 September 2010

Catching Up & Finishing

My week off was over all too soon and 7am Tuesday morning rolled around too quickly for my liking, it's sods law that the week i had off the weather was pretty rotten the whole, and this week we have glorious sunshine! We had our day in Bath as planned non the less and apart from a couple of quite heavy (but short) downpours the day turned out not too bad. As none of us had been before we did all the touristy things, the Jane Austin Centre, the Roman Baths, Pulteny Bridge, Royal Crescent (the setting for Jane Austins Persuasion if i my mind serves me right) and Sally Lunns tea shop, where i sampled a Bath Bun (the girls opted for cake). We had gone there for their Cornish Cream Tea but there were no scones left!! can you believe that?? our faces must have been a picture because we had been anticipating this cream tea all day! Apart from that we had a fantastic time, it's a great place and we will defiantly go again perhaps to do a tour of all the wonderful shops.
All the links above should be clickable, do go and have a nosey around there are some
great web sites.
Here's a little collage of our visit.

See Joanne top right? that's her, large as life and twice as loud, lol. They both tried the hats on in the Jane Austin Centre, somehow i don't think they fit the image of Lady's who lunch, lol.
I managed to get quite a bit of stitching done while i was at home, i started and finished the design of Primitive Bettys.
Olde Pewter Letters
Primitive Bettys Olde Pewter Letters
Stitched on 28ct with DMC 169 & 535
Not to sure if i should frame it or finish it some other way, any suggestions?
I found a forgotten piece and have been working on getting this finished, this is where it was at when i abandoned it.
LHN Yesteryear - 1/9/10
Now almost another 2 blocks completed, so hopefully a finish soon, and it's a fitting piece to hang in my 100 year old house :-)
LHN Yesteryear
LHN Yesteryear 1/9/10
Finally, i collected Rubie from the framers last week, here she is all dressed up!
Plum Street Samplers Rubie Owl
She now has pride of place on my sampler wall, which is a work in progress but i am working hard to get it filled ;-)
Phew! I've waffled on again haven't i! you'll be Glad to know that all for now, thank you for visiting my little space today, i really appreciate all you visits and comments. Till next time - have a great weekend. x