Thursday 28 February 2019

On this last day of February

I'm so happy to share another stitching finish for February.

  It seems that sorting out my stash over Christmas and kitting some of my charts up has done wonders to get me motivated :-)

This is Pumpkin Spice Farm by Hands on Design

I absolutely love this one and thoroughly enjoyed every stitch :-)

I will be making it into a pillow later in the year, after I have found the right backing fabric.

The chenille trim will be edging for the pillow.

It's been another good month for reading too with five books finished, three on my Kindle, one physical book and one audio.

Really enjoyed these three from Teresa Driscoll.

The Wife Between us was full of twists and I didn't guess the ending!

The Six Tudor Queens was my audio book, although Jane is not my favourite Queen and there wasn't really anything new in this book, but I love anything to do with the Tudors so I enjoyed it.

We have also had record temperatures for February, beautiful blue skies and no need for coats.
Of course, it's still Winter so it couldn't last, but It did make a lovely change.

I hope you too have had a great February, I'd love to hear about it. :-)


Sunday 24 February 2019

Yarn Mail

It's only in the last 18 months or so really that I've become aware and interested in hand dyed yarn, I tend to have knit a lot of baby things, as you might well have noticed, lol, and to me you need to be able to machine wash baby blankets and cardigans, who wants the added chore of hand washing a pile of cardigans when they have a baby, I know I didn't!  So for all the blankets and cardigans I knit for our little people I used a good quality acrylic yarn, something easy to care for. 

But, I do love all the lovely hand dyed yarns and so just before Christmas I treated myself to one of Ellie's yarns, (Craft House Magic).  I absolutely LOVE this colour way and I get it out of the cabinet and admire it most weeks :-) 

Over The Rainbow by Craft House Magic

Then towards the end of December Lay Family Yarns announced a mini club, you would receive three mini skien yarns dyed by Lay Family Yarns and three by a guest dyer 

This was January's parcel. The guest dyer was Fine Fish Yarns

And this was February's parcel with guest dyer Betsy Makes

Unfortunately I missed the sign up for the one for March+ but I've made a note in my diary so I don't miss out on the next one.

I have seen so many people making mitered square blankets and they look so pretty I thought I would like to have a go too, so that's what these mini's will be for, obviously I have a lot more to collect yet though.

Also so from Lay Family Yarns,  I signed up for one of their Valentine kits, this one is  Long Lost Love Letters

And my final spurge in December was to sign up to the  Literary & Hand Dyed Yarn Society from Dandelion & Dogwood.  
The idea behind this is that Ami and Jen choose a favourite book they have read and use that for the inspiration to dye the yarn.  
This idea really appealed to me and so I signed up for the three months subscription, there will be an option to sign up for more after that which I'm hoping to do

This was what I received in January, don't you think they did an excellent job with matching the yarn?

I hadn't read this book, but I have watched the film and really enjoyed it.

February's box arrived last week and the book that inspired the yarn was Eleanor Oliphant.
I read this last year and really enjoyed it.  

 There is a Ravelry group to accompany the yarn society where you can discuss the book and share what project you are knitting with your yarn,  but I must confess that I haven't joined the group, but I am enjoying receiving the yarn :-)

I'm in no rush to knit anything with these lovely yarns at the moment, I'm happy just to have them in my stash and admire them for the time being.

Have a great week

Sunday 17 February 2019

February's ornament

My February ornament is all stitched, as with my January one I will make it up at a later date.

(Please excuse the dreadful photos!!)

Crowning the Tree by Blackbird Designs
Started February 3rd
Finished February 17th
Stitched with the called for threads on a piece of mystery fabric from my stash.

I came across this chart all kitted up with the threads when I was having a sort out in my little crafty space at the beginning of the year, I think this year is going to be the year that you see lots of things that I had previously forgotten about, lol.

The weather has been brilliant this past week, still cold, but the days have been mostly bright and sunny, it really feels like Spring is just around the corner with lots of promise of colour to come in the garden and my pots too.

On Thursday I spent an hour raking some more leaves up (they are never ending in our garden because of the oak tree) and I decided to open up my little blue house and give it a sweep and clean ready for warmer days.  I don't think I ever posted any photos of my little house after it was all painted last year.  It's stretching the imagination a bit to call it a Summer House, It's really just a space to sit when the weather is nice, it sits half way up the garden between the two lawns.

The chairs are what the previous owner left in the conservatory, Mark wanted to throw them out when we moved in but I stood my ground, for the last four years they were stored first in our garage, and then after Mark converted half the garage they were stored in my daughter's garage.  
Every so often he would say they should to go to the tip!

When I finally got my little house towards the end of last summer I bought some new cushions off ebay and now I'm so glad I stood my ground, lol.  One day I would like to paint them white, but for now I'm happy with them as they are.

I bought these postcards last year when I went to Llandudno and put them in a frame I bought from The Range, they look right at home in my little blue house.

And  I crocheted a large mandala rug for the floor and chalk painted an old table.
The cushions I think I showed last year.

I have wanted a little space like this in the garden for such a long time and now I have one :-) and I can't wait to spend time sitting in here this summer.

I wish you all a wonderful week

See you soon

Sunday 10 February 2019

En Retard!

This chart could not have a more perfect name for the title of my post :-)

I lost momentum on *En Retard and failed to get it finished in time for Christmas 2018, but when I picked it up last Saturday I found that I only had three stars, the eyes on the reindeer and the backstich on the sleigh to do.

I had an idea when stitching it that I would like it to be mounted in a frame but with linen behind it, and I found the perfect thing in Home Sense.  The frame had string draped inside with those mini pegs to hang things from, so I just cut that away, the backing was perfect, just what I had in mind :-)

I laced the stitching on some white foam board (which I bought from Hobby Craft) and then hot glued three small pieces of the same foam board onto the backing board in the frame so that the stitching would stand a little proud.  Then I hot glued the stitching to those three pieces of foam board.  I was careful to only place the glue onto the foam board on the back of the stitching, not on the fabric.

En Retard by Madame Chantilly stitched on 28 count fabric using the called for threads except for the red, which I changed to Threadworx 1089

I'm rather pleased with the outcome :-)

It's only the second time I've tried lacing and it's really not as scary as it sounds.  I quite enjoyed the process, to be honest I found it much easier than making up small ornaments.
I initially thought that the frame could do with some embellishing, (it seems to be the thing at the moment when finishing cross stitch), now i'm not so sure.  I'm going to leave it for now, it's got to be packed away until Christmas anyway so I'll see how I feel when it makes another appearance.

Mark went to Twickenham this morning, his work had paid for tickets to see the England game and a hotel for tonight too, no point in him coming all the way back here tonight to go that way again in the morning for work, so I've had a quiet Sunday stitching and catching up on some podcasts. 

 England won, if you're interested, and he said the atmosphere was amazing :-)

I wish you all a lovely week and I'll see you soon


*En Retard, translation, late! 
Or you could say that I'm just very early for Christmas 2019 :-)