Thursday 23 June 2011

Sampler Wall In Progress

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments on my Little House Neighbourhood finish, i really appreciate each and every one of them!
In the absence of any progress stitching to show and because my LHN has now been framed by the very talented Mark at Bettys i thought i would show you my sampler wall with it's new addition.

A little bit of shuffling was required as i wanted this one to be in the middle, DH was in charge of the hammer and hooks with me shouting instructions of 'up a bit, down a bit', i think we got it about right in the end, although Joanne's boyfriend, was laughing at us from the kitchen and said it was like watching a comedy sketch of The Chuckle Brothers!

I think perhaps Rubie needs moving a little, but I'm happy with how it looks, for now anyway.

I know quite a lot of you display your stitching on your stairwell, my stairs are not open (they are through that door you can see in the photo below), so that wouldn't be a good place for me, it would be claustrophobic.

So my beginnings of a sampler wall are in my dining room, and as you can see i still have plenty of wall space left to hold more ;-) 
I do have other pieces in other parts of the house, but this is my main wall.

 Sandra and Sheila were kind enough to let me join them in a SAL, this is what we are stitching, and i think we have all opted for using red thread.  We are going to share photos of our progress at the end of the month, so no photos from me until then.

That's it from me for now, till next time...take care x

Saturday 4 June 2011

Little House Neighbourhood

While the Whitsun Bank Holiday Monday was a washout the sun was shining on my finishing and i managed to get the last stitches into my Little House Neighbourhood

I've had this chart for quite a while, and i don't know why it took me so long to get around to it because i love it and enjoyed every stitch

The blue house was my favourite while i was stitching although blue is not my favourite colour, strange that!

Now that I've finished the red house is getting my vote,
although in this photo it looks bendy it's just the way the fabric is lying

I used the recommended DMC threads and the only changes i made was to use the English spelling for neighbour and to put the little heart at the end of the saying to balance it up

 Until next time, 
Have a fabulous weekend xx