Monday 21 November 2011

Christmas Ornies & The Prague Tunic Part 1

Seeing as we are hurtling towards Christmas i got a move on and finished off two of this years LHN ornaments.
Last year I managed to keep up with all of them, I don't know what happened this year, I just couldn't seem to get going despite buying them as the were issued in the UK.  I chose two that I liked the most for now and will carry on with the rest throughout next year.

Little House Needleworks Gingerbread Village
Stitched on a scrap of mystery 28 count
using DMC threads
And my personal favourite is this one -

Little House Needleworks Baked Goods
Stitched on a piece of Mystery 28 count fabric with DMC threads
When i made them up this time i used a piece of iron-on interfacing to back them, it made a real difference to how they look and made it easier to stitch the whole thing together.

I've put the stitching to one side this week in favour of knitting.  I used to knit years ago when the kids were small but nothing in a long time.  I'm an OK basic knitter, nothing fancy, but when i came across this pattern it quite appealed to me.

This is the back all stitched up.  I was quite impressed that I managed to get this done in 3 evenings.  It's chunky yarn so that helped.  On Friday I started the front and after a couple of false starts, (mainly due to me not being able to count and increase!), I made it up to the arm hole shaping last night.  It's pretty gratifying after not having many stitchy finishes this year to get something near completion in such a short time!
So why the Prague Tunic?  Well on December 12th we are all going to Prague for a week, daughters, boyfriends (or in Stevie's case, friend from College), me and Mark, and I want to get this finished to take with me.  I think it's just about achievable, as long as i don't have any mishaps with the putting it together bit, lol.
Until next time,
take care and thanks for your visits and comments, they really make my day :-)

Thursday 3 November 2011

It's November..

And It's a horrible damp and rainy night here, a perfect night to be sat indoors stitching:-)
DH has been here for the last 2 weeks since his last contract finished, getting under my feet and general doing..well, nothing really.  Don't get me wrong, he works really hard, but when he gets time off that's exactly what he has, time off...from everything - I swear if I have to sit through another cookery programme I'll cut the TV cable!  I really wouldn't mind but this is a man that never cooks, never, EVER!! So why the fascination with cookery programmes?beats me!  
So, not a lot of stitching, just been taking myself off to bed early with my book and my hot water bottle :-)

Right, now I've got that little moan out of the way i do have photos to show you, photos of a finish no less!

It's Molly
Carriage House Samplings

It's been a while since I started this, and then started again because I didn't like my stitches 
(yes I obsess that much!)

Don't you just love that crazy eyed fat cat!

And the not so little bird perched atop her head 
( i decided it's a she cat :-)

I love the frame
Mark at Betty's did yet another wonderful job.
Here's a close up of it

And finally the whole thing

Last Wednesday was our second stitch club meeting.  Unfortunately our numbers dwindled a bit and there was only six of us this time around, but it was actually quite a good night, being such a small number we got to know each other a bit better and it made for some good conversation.  
One of the ladies was interested in my snap frame last month and this time she had bought one of her own :-) she said she went straight up to Sharon's shop (Betty's)  the day after and treated herself to one, along with a magnifier.  I happened to mention while we were talking that i railroad all my stitches, she wasn't familiar with it, but when she tried it she was amazed what a difference it made.  I've got a feeling that the next time we meet she will be cursing me for slowing her up and causing extra work, lol.
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