Sunday 14 April 2013

A Tree!

I finished my April ornament for the SAL

A free Glory Bee  Design Merry Yule
Stitched with the recommended DMC threads on a piece of grey 28ct evenweave.

I've only just noticed my huge mistake.....I really should pay more attention! Oh well, good job it's only for my tree, lol

Love the string of lights :-)

 Saturday night TV is pretty bad unless you like talent programmes, which we don't!  The amount of people that audition who obviously have no talent whatsoever is part of the fun of the programme, I know, but I'm embarrassed for them, I mean, someone has actually told them they can sing (or whatever they are preforming) and to go on TV in front of millions of people and make a fool of themselves! Madness!!  
But then last night we caught a couple of the acts on Britain's Got Talent this woman came on, understated and so apparently nervous you were just waiting for something to happen.

have a listen.

Until Next time x

Sunday 7 April 2013

Of Pink Houses and Christmas Stockings

It looks as though the end of Winter may be in sight at last, this past week we have seen more of the sun with some lovely sunny days, still cold but at least it's brighter.
It's back to work for me tomorrow morning, I've had a lovely week off, I went out one day with Jenny and Oliver, we did lunch (and cake) in Bridgenorth, apart from that I've just been catching up on jobs and pottering around the house and just enjoying some home time.
A new start made it onto the Q snaps this week.  I've had this chart since Christmas, I loved it from the first time I saw it and have been itching to start, I could resist no longer :-) 

Baby It's Cold Outside - Heartstring Samplery
Recomended threads

I know, I know, another Christmas / Winter theme, what can I say, I'm just loving working on Christmasy themes :-)
By the way, that's not a stain on the fabric, I coffee dyed it before I started, in fact I stitched the words and decided that the colour still wasn't right, so twice more it went into more coffee and then the oven until I was satisfied - I took a risk that the brown thread wouldn't run (and that I would burn it)...thankfully I was lucky on both counts and I'm happy with how it looks now.

Don't you just love that house?
Mmmm, the colour of the fabric looks different on this photo, the first photo is the more true colour.
Friday night is stocking SAL night, this is my progress on Oliver's stocking.

 I worked on this an extra day this week too as I missed the previous Friday because of our weekend away.  It was hard to put away this time, I was really enjoying all that red!

In-between the stocking and the pink house building I've finished my April AND my May ornament for the Christmas Ornament SAL, how organised am I lol. Just have to finishes them into ornaments this week ready to show you next week, well, the April one anyway, the May finish will have to stay hidden for a few more weeks :-)

Until next time, have a great week x