Friday 12 August 2022

Making hexies while the sun shines

 Back at the beginning of July I started a birthday project thinking I had given myself plenty of time to get everything completed for today, August 12th.   

In hindsight, (isn't hindsight a great thing), I should have started it earlier but, I sure many of you can relate to last minute gift making, as crafters we tend to do that to ourselves don't we?

The first task was to paint this little Ikea dolls cot and make a mattress for it, I got both of those jobs completed before the end of July and I was feeling very pleased with myself for being ahead of the game.

The mattress is reversible and I was pretty happy with how it came out

I fell down the Pinterest rabbit hole of dolls cot bedding and that's when I made more work for myself, I decided that a little patchwork quilt would look lovely.

By the time I'd sorted and cut out fabric, ordered the hexie papers and attached the fabric to the papers It left me with just over a week to hand sew everything together.  

I've never attempted anything like this before and haven't hand sewn anything in years, but I really enjoyed the process of sewing all the little pieces together.  
Now, If you're a quilter reading this, please don't look too closely, technically I've probably gone about it all wrong and it's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination,  but I think the end result is passable,

The binding was, well, a bind, again, first time binding anything, I managed, again, it's not perfect but then neither is my eyesight, lol.

Below is probably more true of the colours

You can't have a quilt without a pillow and a sheet, so I made those too, I also made a pillowcase for the pillow so it can be taken off to wash.

I think the end result is pretty cute, and best of all the recipient loves it.

I bet you've guessed who this is for haven't you? 

Yes, it's for my beautiful granddaughter Bonnie, she turned 5 today.

Here she is dressed for her birthday party, look at the gorgeous smile  💖

She had a rainbow themed party with all her school friends last Sunday, Joanne had booked an entertainer who was just brilliant and they all had a wonderful time.  Joanne also did a great job making the rainbow birthday cake.

As you can imagine not much in the way of other crafting has been going on I been pretty much sewing every single day, sometimes all day, for the last two weeks to get all that bedding done but tomorrow I shall pick my knitting up again, I have just one cuff to knit on my jumper! 
The heat wave is set to continue over the next two day and then rain and hopefully cooler temperatures for next week, thank goodness.   Like a lot of others peoples gardens ours is not fairing too well, everything is dry and faded and the grass is turning brown, it's not a good look, I much prefer the Spring and Autumn when everything looks fresh, lush and green.  The only thing this weather is good for is getting the washing dried super quick, although I do have an ironing mountain growing in the laundry room,  you could not pay me enough money to tackle that at the moment!