Saturday 31 December 2011

Looking Forward, Looking Back

(Sorry, rather a longer post than i anticipated, lol)

As we approach the end of 2011 and the beginning of a brand New Year I want to wish you all a Healthy and Happy 2012!!
I'm not one to set New Year resolutions, after all if you really want to make big changes why wait until New Year, changes can be made whatever the time of the year :-)  However, I am going to make an effort to do certain things.  This past year I've not read as many books, I've collected more than I've read, so there's one goal  and, it sort of goes hand in hand with something else I've promised myself, which is to have more 'me' time.  I spend a lot of time doing things for other people so I'm making a effort everyday to set aside some time just for me, no interruptions, no putting it off, just me and a book or whatever I want to do!
I wasn't very productive with stitching last year either, but, if I'm setting some 'me' time aside in 2012 that should change - in theory, lol.
In 2011 Something I've kept quiet about is the fact that a few months ago I joined Slimming World, and to date I have lost 1stone 3lb, it goes without saying really that the new year will see me trying to loose a few more pounds, not too much, I think another 6-7 pounds will be enough so that i can maintain it without denying myself a little of what I fancy ;-)  
I'm already enjoying feeling more comfortable in my clothes and this weekend I actually fit into a size 12 jeans! Wow, been a while since I've done that!  Stevie joined along with me and she also reached her one stone target Christmas week!  at 5' 9" she doesn't need to loose too much but it has been a great way to make her aware of the rubbish she was eating, getting her off McDonald meals, getting her to eat wholemeal bread and more fruit and yoghurt :-)

2011 was also the year in which my husband finally gave up smoking! like all smokers he has tried several times, but it never lasted long, this time it's been almost 6 months since he quit, what's made a big difference this time is the fact that he did it because HE wanted to, no nagging from me, and I've been very careful not to keep asking if he's had a cigarette, he has said this makes a difference because he is not reminded of it all the time.  Fingers crossed that he has kicked the habit for good this time - he and his clothes smell so much nicer, lol
It was fantastic to read all your birthday wishes on my milestone birthday, it meant a lot to me that you stopped by:-)
There was a really great surprise from Elaine.  With everything she has going on at the moment she still managed to remember my birthday and sent me a $25 gift certificate to spend at Wasatch Needlecraft, thank you so much Elaine your thoughtfulness really touched me.  I'm really looking forward to a new start when my charts arrive :-)
I can't go without showing you my Pandora bracelet that Jenny bought me
She also bought me the present charm to go with it, Joanne bought me my birthstone with the turquoise stone and Mark bought me the cross stitch charm, (with a gentle reminder from me, i knew i just had to have that one when i saw it, lol)
Thank you to everyone who follows my blog and take the time to leave me a comment, I really do appreciate each and every one :-) 
See you all next year!


Tuesday 27 December 2011

Wednesday December 27th 1961

A couple of post ago I said there was another special celebration today
The UK Prime Minister was Harold McMillan
The US President was John F Kennedy
The Christmas No. one was Danny Williams with Moon River
The big film was Breakfast at Tiffany's
The average house price in the UK was £2.7k (UK Stirling)
The Berlin Wall was constructed
The first man in space

It was also the date my mother gave birth to her 3rd child, a second daughter - me!

Yes, today I celebrate my 50th Birthday!!!

The girls are coming round later for a bit of a shin-dig and i will get my presents then, (I know Jenny has bought me a Pandora bracelet, can't wait to wear it!) I will show you all next time.

We are cooking a joint of pork to have pork & stuffing sandwiches when everyone comes.  
Mark is becoming an expert at making stuffing, he made it for Jo's Christmas dinner and it was very tasty, so I'm going to leave it to him :-)

Speak soon

Sunday 25 December 2011

A Lovely Christmas Lunch (& Jo's Boys)

This was Joanne and Gavin's first time cooking Christmas lunch
 and it wonderful :-)
Neither Jen nor Jo were big on cooking when they lived at home, but since they have had homes of their own they have both turned into kitchen goddesses, lol
We had turkey & beef and everything tasted beautiful!

I thought today that I've never showed you pictures of Jo's 'boys', so i took a few photos of them while we were there today.

This is Tinker

And this is Scruffy

Aren't  they just the cutest little boys!
The girls loved all their presents, and i had some lovely things too, one of which was a Kindle from Mark - total surprise as we had agreed not to buy each other this year :-)

I hope wherever you are you had a wonderful Christmas day too!
I'm just about done in for today, tomorrow i intend to do nothing except sit and stitch :-)

Saturday 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just stopping by to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, I hope that you get everything you wish for :-)
I am hoping to get some stitching time in over the holiday, we don't go back to work until 3rd January, so a nice long-ish break from the usual alarm clock going off and the ground hog day routine that is common place on work day mornings!

We are having lunch at daughter #2's tomorrow - looking forward to that and as usual seeing the girls faces when they open their presents!  
Even though they are all grown up and two of them with their own houses now i still keep up the pretence of Santa and they are never allowed to see any presents, wrapped or unwrapped until the day!  that's just the way it is in our house.

I will leave you with a few photos of our trip to Prague, there are more on flickr if you would like to take a look.  It was a wonderful trip and i think everyone thoroughly enjoyed  themselves :-)

Thank all so much for the Anniversary wishes, the flowers are still going strong and gracing the sitting room.

There is another special celebration this week - but i'll tell you about that on Tuesday, because that's the day :-)

Have a good one whatever you are doing this 25th!

Tuesday 20 December 2011

A Surprise Delivery

Today is our wedding anniversary!
I know, who gets married this close to Christmas, mad, eh?
But we did and here we are 25 years later!

My hubby is not one of those that buys flowers often, but these arrived for me today with a box of chocolates :-)
 To say i am surprised is an understatement, 
gobsmacked more like, lol

He had arranged to have them delivered to work for me this morning but the delivery got messed up and he had to have them re-directed to home this afternoon - bless him, i think he has earned his brownie points this week :-)
Wow, 25 years, where on earth does the time go?
Does this mean I'm getting old now? (don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question, lol)

Sunday 11 December 2011

The Prague Tunic Finish!

Just a very quick post tonight as it's getting late, I finished my Prague Tunic from my last post about two weeks ago now, but you know how it is this time of year, busy busy busy!
Anyhow, here is the afore mentioned tunic

I was dreading the sewing together, but I found several great videos on You Tube that were a great help.

And best of all, it actually fits and I wore it shopping yesterday, I was surprised how warm it kept me!
And just to prove it, I've even dared to post a photos of me wearing it, all be it a very grainy one.

I enjoyed knitting this so much that I've got another jumper started, i'll show you the 'weekend jumper' next time.  
I haven't picked up any stitching for a few weeks except for the small amount i did at the stitching club two weeks ago.  By the time i sit down at night knitting is so much easier to pick up and do a few rows rather than getting threads, hoops and magnifier out.  But i have by no means given up the stitching, i have plans for over Christmas when we have a lovely break from work and i can at least get a decent amount of time at something :-)
Speak more next time, right now i have to get some shut-eye because tomorrow morning we fly to Prague...Whoohooo, can't wait to see this lovely city again!

Hope you all have a great week whatever you might be up to, and thank you so much for you comments and encouragement, it really means so much to me x