Wednesday 22 August 2018

In the making

Everything I'm making at the moment is at the 'almost' finished or 'needs to be fully finished' stage,  then there are the projects that have been started but were abandoned in favour of new starts, (most probably the ones that are almost finished!!).
 I suppose that's the downside of starting too many things.

Arthur's cardigan needs sewing up

Bonnie's cardigan needs the last bit of sleeve knitting

Dolls blanket about half done

Bonnie's Christmas stocking.
I really need to get this done very soon!
There is just the bottom border and her name to add to the top and the charms to add.

Two Christmas ornaments, one for my tree and Arthur's first Christmas ornament.
Stitching is all done on these they just need finishing into ornaments.

Projects put to one side.

A scarf I started early in the year
I still like this and want to finish it, scarves can get a bit boring though can't they?

My cotton summer top.
I still love this too, so do want to finish it.

Then there are the two pairs of socks I started

I really really want to knit socks and eventually these will get finished I suppose, I find them so fiddly though.

Then there is the Crofter blanket I started.
I found this out just a few days ago, I've done about 30 squares, I think the pattern calls for 80 square but I'm just using up the yarn I've got.

And the scrappy blanket
 (Although this one I can be forgiven for because I am using up scraps)

I could probably definitely find a few more cross stitch pieces in the drawer upstairs which I started and put to one side, plus, there are at least two pieces that are more than half way done that i'm almost certain I will never finish and what do I do with with those??

I don't want to carry lots of WIP's into next year, I would like to start the year with a clean slate, (realistically that's not going to happen!) but having lots of things on the go like this does make me feel uncomfortable and a bit overwhelmed.  

It's hard isn't it not to get distracted by new things to make, especially when there are so many lovely projects posted on blogs and Instagram, not to mention those on Podcasts!!

So what do you do?  Do you stay faithful to one project or just have a couple on the go at a time?  Or are you like me get carried away with starting something new?


Wednesday 15 August 2018

The Birthday Girl

Last Sunday was Bonnie's 1st birthday.

Joanne made Bonnie's In The Night Garden cake herself

I think she made a really good job too :-)

She is so happy and funny, she is a joy and makes us laugh with her funny little ways.

She loves little Arthur

And isn't afraid to show it lol

And she melts my heart when she comes crawling to me saying "Nanna, Nanna"

Before we had grandchildren I used to imagine them running in shouting Nanna, and how good that would be.

But no amount of imagining could have prepared me for that feeling when it actually happens, no words can describe it, it's simply the best thing in the world.


Saturday 11 August 2018

Fantastic views and a bike ride - Cornwall Part Four

Feeding the piggies on Thursday morning.  I must admit I've taken quite a liking to these pigs :-)

As well as the normal animal feeding on Thursday morning the kids got to groom and walk the pony around the field too.

After second breakfast, (for Oliver anyway) we decided to walk into Padstow.  It's about 2 miles from the farm over the fields and down the lanes and out onto the Camel Trail 

 Below, Padstow in the distance, the tide was out on our walk down

And was in by the time we were walking back again

Oliver enjoyed going through the kissing gates and over the styles

Oliver the scarecrow!

We had a quick stop off in Padstow for lunch and found the welly dog! 

Then we hired some bikes to ride the Camel Trial. 
Oliver can't ride a bike on his own yet so Mark had him on a hook-up.


I haven't got a photo of me on my bike, but I was right behind them, lol
We rode from Padstow to Wadebridge, 5 3\4 miles and It was such good fun, I don't know who had the most fun, me or Oliver, lol but I can tell you that It was me who ached the most after!

That day we walked 4 miles to Padstow and back, and rode 11 and a half miles, from Padstow to Wadebridge and back, both me and Mark clocked well of 18,000 steps not counting the peddling!!

Boy did we know about it by the time we got back to the caravan, but it was worth it for the experience, the fantastic views and the smile on Oliver's face.

For me this was the best day of the holiday.


Friday 10 August 2018

Visiting Eden - Cornwall Holiday Part Three

The animal feeding was abandoned after the guinea pigs on Wednesday morning as there was a very sudden and rather heavy downpour.  We had planned on going to the Eden Project that day too and thought we would still go as planned because at least there would be places to take shelter should the rain continue.  As it turned out the day wasn't too bad, there was one or two showers but they soon passed.

The walk down to Eden after parking is about a mile but all along the grass verges are planted with wild flowers that looked lovely even though they are now almost finished flowering

It was very busy, I think everyone had the same idea, not a day for the beach, but somewhere you can dodge the showers.

I think Oliver had a good time, he does like plants and was keen to go and visit the plant shop later and buy a new cactus to add to his collection.  We both bought on of the succulents too.

We did have a great find....this little fella.

That's Marks finger, so you can see how tiny the little frog is.

 Some of the other plants I enjoyed seeing.

I loved all the sunflowers and black eyed susan

One of the things Oliver had asked to do was have fish and chips at the beach and watch the sunset, so on the way back we visited Constantine Bay, stopping off on the way to buy fish and chips.

We got back around 10pm, so it was a long day, but a good one.