Sunday 10 March 2019

The old and the new

I haven't had too much crafting time this week but I did manage to finish stitching my March ornament on Thursday night.

Heart in Hand Monthly Mania, December
Started 3rd March 2019 finished 7th March 2019

Stitching something so quickly has to be a record for me! 

Loved stitching him, I do like stitching blocks of colour, there is something soothing and satisfying in it I find.  This one will join the growing pile of 'to be fully finished' items, I'm thinking that once we get to the half way point in the year I will start to have some finishing days.  

Next weekend we are going to the Stitching show at the NEC in Birmingham and I will be on the look out for some suitable backing fabrics.

Back in 2016 I started Elizabeth, one of the 'girls' by Carriage House Samplings, I can't remember when I actually finished stitching her but it's been a while so a couple of weeks ago I took her to be framed and collected her yesterday.

Lots of blocks of colour in this one :-)

LOVE the hair!!!

There are four girls in the series, two down, two to go.  I'm just waiting for my needlework shop to get some more fabric in then I will make a start on another one.

(I must apologise for the quality of the photos on the finishes above, I couldn't get rid of the glare from the glass on Elizabeth and for some reason my phone camera is not picking up the bright colours on Santa)

 The weather has been pretty horrible all week, wet and the last two days very windy too.
But at least I've got a very nice view from my kitchen window.

I'm so glad I planted all my pots up with Tulips, they have been a very welcome sight each morning when I open the blind.

My Camellia has flowers open and lots of buds, just hope they can survive this weather

And my Hostas are coming to life too :-)

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Hope you all have a great week