Sunday 11 March 2018

A quick Sunday catch up

It was Mother's Day here in the UK today.  

The girls treated me and Mark to breakfast this morning at a local restaurant, it made a lovely change to our usual Sunday morning.

They all came back to ours afterwards for a cuppa and to give me cards 

Yes there are 5 cards, no, I don't have 5 children only 3, lol, but I always get a card and a little something from Oliver, and this year Bonnie too, just to say thank you Nanny.

 Oliver gave me the little plant and a lovely new mug, and Bonnie gave me the duck, 
(whose name is Wendy), aren't they cute!

I opened my cards and the two presents and went into the kitchen to put the kettle on,
and look what I saw in the garden

Oh - my - goodness!! the girls had bought me a bird table, eeek!!

I have wanted one of these for ages, and now I have one, lol

Once me and Mark had set off for the restaurant for breakfast this morning they whizzed round to our house and left it in the garden before coming to join us so that it would be a surprise when we got back :-)  

I tell you, I was close to tears when I saw it, only last evening I had said to Mark that I wanted a covered bird table not knowing that my lovely girls had already bought me one :-) :-)

I am so very lucky.

Tomorrow I'm going on a little holiday to Great Yarmouth with Joanne and Bonnie.

Joanne is having her sitting room and dining room decorated and new flooring laid next week and didn't want to be at home with Bonnie in all the mess so we booked this little holiday.

Neither of us have ever been to Great Yarmouth so we are looking forward to seeing a new part of the country, we can't expect the weather to be brilliant but as long as the rain holds off we won't mind, it will be a lovely change of scenery.

Next Saturday we are going to the Sewing for Pleasure show at the NEC in Birmingham and then on the Sunday we are throwing a little Sprinkle Shower for Jenny, (apparently when it's your second baby you don't throw a Baby Shower you have a Sprinkle), because you don't need to be showered with baby gifts as you already have most of what you need.

I didn't know this, did you?  I'd never heard of having a Baby Shower until a few years ago, no such things in my day, lol.

I hope you have had a fantastic Mother's day and have been as thoroughly spoilt as I have :-)

Have a great week, see you soon


Saturday 3 March 2018

Bonnie's Day

Last Sunday was Bonnie's Christening day.

It was a wonderful day, the ceremony was at the same Chapel that all our family have been Christened at and where I used to go to Sunday School as a child.

Bonnie certainly lives up to her name :-)

Proud Mum and Dad

Oh dear, I think someone was getting tried 

Joanne's friend made a brilliant job of the cake

Oliver's Daddy came home the week before after nearly 3 months working in Cyprus,
as you can imagine this was one happy little boy and he was very reluctant to leave his daddy's side.

We were very lucky with the weather last weekend, although it was a little chilly the sun shone lovely for us all day, such a change from the weather we have had this past week.  I couldn't get out of the front door on Friday morning the snow had drifted about 2 feet high!  We had more snow last night and as Mark is away this weekend my Son In Law came round this morning and cleared the snow from around the door and garage and dug my car out!  

I now have a huge mound of snow in the middle of the drive, lol. but at least I can get to the house without having to go through snow up to my knees!

It's supposed to change next week, I have to say though that I much prefer this cold and snow to the rain that is predicted next week.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, I'm going to make the most of a quiet house tomorrow with a sofa day :-)

See you soon