Saturday 30 October 2021

A beautiful day in October

Today started dull and wet but by mid morning it started to look as though that was clearing so I decided to take a drive to Stourport.  I think I've blogged a few times about Stourport, mainly when I've had children in tow, but today was just for me.
There is a high street at Stourport and a selection of shops, not many, but just enough for locals and after a quick look in a couple of charity shops I made my way to a lovely little cafe which sits right on the edge of the canal.
Considering we are at the end of October we have still been having the odd nice sunny day, and it was warm enough to sit outside and have my coffee, toast and cake.

I've never walked this part of the canal before but after today it's certainly somewhere I'll come back to walk again.

Just a little way past this lock are some canal side apartments and houses and as the canal runs along the back of the high street some of shops and pubs also back onto the canal further along.

I had walked for about half an hour when it started to get a bit muddy so I decided to go back and see what was over that bridge in the photo above.

When my daughter, Stevie, saw these photos she said it looked pretty but spooky, there wasn't anyone around but it didn't feel strange or spooky to me, just quiet and peaceful.

The newer building you can see on the right is the church, St Michael & All Angels, but over the wall I could see a ruin, so of course I had to go and investigate.

I love how the new church stands inside the ruins but couldn't find any information about the ruins on the site, It isn't the Mitton Chapel because the information sign for that said it was demolished after the 1st world war and only footings remain.

Once I got home this is what I found out about the ruins:

By the end of the 19th century a larger church was needed and In the 1880's work was started by John Oldrid Scott to build the church his grandfather, Sir G. G. Scott designed.  Although the church was consecrated in 1910 the building was never completed.  It was badly damaged in a storm in 1976 and a few years later was mostly demolished to make way for the current church to be built inside the ruins.  The new church, St Michael & All Angels is the fourth one known to have existed on the site.

It's quite an historic site but a sad story for the ruins don't you think?

I really enjoyed getting out in the fresh air, I always seem to find an excuse not to go anywhere but I must make the time and effort, I feel so much better for it.


Friday 29 October 2021

Autumn leaves and afternoon teas

I don't have my Monday outings with Bonnie now because she has started school,  but this week has been half term so we had a day out together yesterday.  She is such good company and no trouble at all.  

We went to feed the ducks first, because of being in isolation and then straight back into everything whats going on with mum, It feels like forever since I've been out and about so it was lovely to walk in the fresh air and see all the lovely Autumn colours.

The weather is still really mild, still not cold enough for a coat but It was rather windy, hence Bonnie is wearing one of Nanny's hat knits :-)

There were lots of Canadian Geese, more than I've seen there before, all eager to eat the food we bought along.

Later, for a treat, I took Bonnie for afternoon tea at a cafe call Mad Hatters.  As the name suggests the place is decked out with all things Alice in Wonderland.  I've blogged about this place before, we had Joanne's baby shower there when she was expecting Jacob, but this time of year it was also dressed for Halloween.

Bonnie likes cute Halloween, but isn't too keen on scary Halloween, she was impressed with her afternoon tea though.  There was quite a lot there for a little person but we were able to take a doggy bag home, so nothing went to waste.

While we were at the park we collected rather a lot of leaves and once home we spent a few hours coating some of the best ones in diluted PVA glue, I think Joanne is going to make a garland out of them now they are dry, the coating of glue has bought the colours out lovely.   We also decided to put some in the flower press too, no idea if they will survive, but we'll see in a few weeks.

I really enjoyed our time together yesterday, it was lovely just to enjoy the day without rushing, and I think Bonnie had a good day too :-)


Sunday 24 October 2021

Dandelion cardigan, finished

 It's been well over a year in the making, but at last it's finished!

Lady Mademoiselle Dandelion Cardigan by Along Avec Anna

Knitted using Drops Nord in the colour number 07

I raided my button stash and came up with this colourful arrangement and I like it :-)

Someone asked me about the pattern last time I posted about this, the name is at the top of this post and you can find the paid for pattern on Ravelry.

I'm still determined to get some more projects finished before I start anything new but I just haven't got the inclination to do much of anything right now.

Covid fatigue has hit me, I didn't feel it whilst I had Covid but this last week it has been an effort to do anything at all, I feel so sluggish , my taste is coming back a little but I still can't smell anything.  

 On top of that we have reached another stage with mum.  I started going up again this week and it seems that she has deteriorated a little more, she couldn't even get to a standing position let alone walk this week but, to cut a very long story short, the doctor and the Occupational Therapist decided that a spell in respite would be helpful not only for us but for mum too.  She will go on Tuesday for two weeks and be assessed again towards the end of those two weeks.  She understands when you tell her but has forgotten again the next day so it's going to be hard but it's getting to the stage where she is not safe at home, she had a fall again the week before last, luckily she didn't suffer any injury, this time.

On top of feeling so tired this week I've been straight back into my turn on the caring rota and dealing with all the phone calls to do with arranging respite, the memory clinic assessment, OT assessment, doctors as well as cancelling / re-arranging some appointment that mum had in the next couple of weeks.  I feel totally drained with it all, so forgive me if I don't visit or comment on you blogs for a while, I'm going to take these next two weeks to re-charge my batteries and hopefully find some energy from somewhere.

See you soon

Edited...And just to add to everything going on, we got up this morning to find that Marks car had been stolen during the night, his tools, job files everything, gone! 


Saturday 16 October 2021

Isolation, almost over

My ten day isolation is almost up, they tell you to count from the fist day you felt unwell but as I didn't feel too bad I started counting from when my positive result came back as that was the day that I thought it was a cold, which means that my last day is tomorrow.

I must admit that I've not missed going out at all, I could easily become a hermit I think, lol

Jenny and Stevie did the food shop for me last week and Mark has gone this morning, I've saved a fortune as people only bring whats on a list, and I haven't missed shopping in the least, it's not my favourite thing to do at the best of times.

I still feel very stuffy, especially when I first get up but that clears as the day goes on, my cough is still there, not too bad but from what I've read it can hang around a while.  NHS test and trace have called me every couple of days, (very nice of them, ha, ha) and apparently you only have to carry on isolating after the ten days if you are sneezing, have a runny nose or diarrhea, I have none of these so normal life for me can resume from Monday.  Although, I still plan on wearing a mask when I'm around mum and at Jenny's when I pick Oliver up, just to be on the safe side.

It's been like having a bad cold, I did have a funny head a few day's, not a headache more like a vertigo feeling, paracetamol usually took that off .  I started to paint the kitchen just before all this happened and I've managed to finish that by doing a bit each day so you can tell that I got it mild, thank goodness.  I didn't loose my sense of taste or smell until last weekend, It was Sunday when I noticed it.  It really is the weirdest thing, I can't smell anything at all and all food tastes the same, it is really peculiar.

The girls sent me a couple of care packages.  I love Tea Pigs tea so will be saving that until my taste and smell return.  I haven't started the book yet but it sounds good, I let you know.

And this one arrived this week, I'm going to save the bath salts, bath melts and hand gel until I can smell, it would be a waste not to smell them wouldn't it!

Other than slowly painting the kitchen I've been filling my time knitting on my cardigan, (almost finished) and watching The Handmaids Tale on Amazon Prime.  I didn't watch this when it was on TV, I somehow didn't think it would be my thing, but I am enjoying binge watching now.

The weather has been lovely for a few days and after Mark came back from the supermarket this morning we've spent a couple of hours tidying the garden up, lots of things to cut back and leaves to get up, the green bin is full, I think we perhaps have one more collection before they stop for this year so wanted to make the most of that.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend


Friday 8 October 2021

A Friday finish

Autumn Dream by Cottage Garden Samplings 

The Songbird's Garden Series # 11

Stitched on 36 count Vintage Country Mocha using the called for Weeks Dye threads

I found the frame in a charity shop early in the Summer, It's not very often you come across square frames and I knew it would be the perfect size for this piece.  Although, I would like opinions on the colour, it's brighter than I first thought, do you think it's too bright? should I paint it and distress it?  If I paint it, what colour would you suggest?  

At the moment the stitching is just pinned, not laced so that If I do need to paint the frame It won't be a problem.   Here's a close shot of the frame, I'd love to know what you think.

It was this cute little pumpkin house that first drew me to the chart,

and of course that Tufted Titmouse

The piece wasn't without it's problems to stitch, those Bittersweets look lovely but were a bit of a pain to stitch, I miscounted, a lot, some I ripped out and stitched again, others were fudged, the piece is so fluid I don't think you can tell.

Isolating update

Thank you to everyone that sent get well wishes on my last post to my daughter to Joanne, she is doing ok, she did have a bit of a melt down a couple of nights ago, more to do with panicking than Covid but when she called 111 they said she could go to the walk in centre and get checked out.  She was there until the early hours but they did an x-ray on her lungs and blood test, all came back fine so that put her mind at rest.  She still has no sense of taste or smell and it still coughing but that should get better day by day.  Her husband's test came back inconclusive and he has been fine, as are the children.

There is another woman who Joanne works with who tested positive the day after she did, so more than likely one passed it to the other, but which one it was is anyone's guess! 

I'd been in contact with Joanne for a couple of hours the Friday she tested positive, (I hadn't seen her all week, isn't that just sod's law!), so I've been doing a lateral flow test for a week because of going to mums.  I got up with a sore-ish throat on Tuesday and Wednesday my nose was blocked, although my LFT had been negative Stevie suggested I get a PCR test done, again because of going to mums, so on Wednesday afternoon I did and I got a text yesterday to say my test was positive for Covid.  So now I have to isolate for ten days.

I feel like I've got a cold, I'm sneezing and my nose is bunged up, I have got a cough, sort of a bark, not all the time though, and today it's better than it was yesterday, and it's not as bad as Joanne's cough.
I haven't had a temperature nor have I had a headache, I have felt lethargic today, just like you would if you had a cold, in fact, if it hadn't been for me having to go to mums most days I wouldn't have done a test and I've have just said I'd got a cold.   
I haven't been going anywhere except for food shopping, I haven't been meeting up with friends or going anywhere that's crowded, I even gave our first stitching meet up a miss a couple of weeks ago because I didn't want to be in close contact with people I hadn't seen in almost two years and have refused to go for a meal with some friends recently too because I just wouldn't feel comfortable, and I still wear a mask and sanitise when out, so the only place I could have got it is from Joanne visiting for those couple of hours last Friday.  She feels really bad about it and keeps saying sorry but she had been testing for work and was showing negative all week, so how was she to know?  
  I am thankful though that the symptoms I'm having are mild.

We decided that It's best if Mark stays in Glasgow this weekend as it would be difficult to keep separate in home and It wouldn't  be good if he took it back and past it around the job!

I've got plenty of paracetamol, tissues and tea to keep me going and of course I've got crafty things to keep me occupied, I just need to find something good to watch on TV and I'll be sorted.

I hope you all have a good weekend, and if you are out and about stay safe, it's still out there!


Wednesday 6 October 2021

It's never too early to start

 Christmas goodies have been arriving in the shops for a good few weeks now but this past week I have seen a lot more added.

I think it's a British thing, but we do like our tubs of chocolates come Christmas.  I've bought three, Celebrations, Roses and Quality Street, I do put them out for anyone who comes to help themselves so like to have a good supply.  I buy Oliver and Arty a tub of Haribo to share as they prefer sweets over chocolate.

When the girls were small they used to open the 'Christmas biscuits' on Christmas morning to have while they were opening their presents, I still buy a box of biscuits out of tradition more than anything else really.

The box of Lindor and  Dairy Milk will be to put with two of my Son-in-Law's presents, I have to get one more of something similar for Darren but needed to check with Stevie first to make sure what he liked.

I popped into Home Bargains and treated myself to a wax melt advent calendar, I do love all the Christmas smells and will enjoy opening this each day leading up to Christmas.

As far as presents go, I give Jenny and Joanne money to get the children's main presents, they know more what they are into than me and it ensures that they all have the same amount, they will then give me what they have bought to wrap up,  I do make up a small sack for all the children as well with little extras, which I have been buying and stashing away for a while. 
I don't buy for extended family and me and Mark don't usually buy for each other, so that only leaves the girls and their other halves to sort out.

I've no idea what's happening about Christmas day yet, except that Jenny, James and the boys want to have dinner in their own home, I don't think Stevie and Darren will want to eat alone and I know Joanne would prefer everyone to be together, neither me or Mark are fussed either way, as long as we can see the children open their presents on the day I'm happy for them to do what they want to do.

I hate a last minute rush for things so like to get things when I see them, how about you, have you started buying?  or is it too early?


Sunday 3 October 2021

The almost done's

 As we are fast approaching Christmas and the end of the year I want to try and get as many of those 'Almost Done' things crossed off my list.  

My Dandelion cardigan is now cast off and all that remains to be knit are the button bands.  I knit the sleeves flat so I have those to sew up as well, but the end is in sight.  I've tried it on and i'm pleased to say that it fits!  Can't wait to start wearing it.

I've been knitting on this cardigan for Jacob on and off for a good few weeks, as it's only garter stitch it's easy to knit on when I only have time to do a few rounds.

Both fronts and sleeves are finished and I'm about half way done on the back, so again, not much left on this on.  I'll probably knit on this Wednesday and Thursday when I'm at Jenny's.

Once I'd finished making my Quaker Drum last week I pulled out my Autumn Dream hoping to get it finished in the week.  Unfortunately there was more left to stitch than I thought there was and It's not done, but it's not far off.  It would be nice to get this one finished so it has a few weeks on show in the right season.

I do have some other things that are 'Almost Done' but these are the ones i'm focusing on at the moment, once they are finished I will choose others to work on.


On Friday Stevie and Darren went to London to see a show, they were only staying overnight but she didn't want their cat, Ralph, to be on his own all night, he'd never been left overnight so she asked if I would have a sleep over at theirs to mind him, so of course, that's what I did.

Isn't he a handsome boy?

He plays catch like a dog, he spent ages with this piece of silver foil, I threw it, he ran and fetched it and bought it back to me to throw again.  My cats are old ladies now and you forget just how playful kittens are.


Also on Friday Joanne, my middle daughter, called to say she had done a lateral flow test at home and it was positive.
Joanne, Gavin and the children all went for a PCR test that night and only Joanne's came back positive the next day, so she is currently confined to her bedroom.  She said she feels rough but better today than she did yesterday and in the night, she has spoken to a doctor by calling 111 and he has reassured her and told her that if she feels she wants to she can go to the walk in centre and someone will see her.   Hopefully the worst has passed now and she will start to feel better, I think she said they are all having to isolate until October 12th, I'm not sure what the rules are now but the children can't go to school or nursery anyway because of Gavin isolating too.

Autumn has well and truly arrived here, we even had the heating on for a while last night, not that I mind, I quite like the cooler weather.   The rain keeps coming though, It's certainly making up for the dry September we had!