Tuesday 20 April 2010

Sweet Sixteen

On Thursday 21st April 1994 at 11.27pm my youngest daughter Stevie-Leigh made her arrival into the world, weighing in at a hefty 9lb 11oz, (can i hear a collective 'ouch'!!).

It must have been something to do with the craving i had for milk when i was pregnant, i drank gallons of the stuff, not in the normal way, it had to be put in the freezer until little ice crystals formed and i would eat it with a spoon! glass after glass went in the freezer day after day, funny thing is, before i got pregnant i didn't really like milk and would never ever drink a glass, and it goes without saying that after the event i have never drunk milk!! I had a similar relationship with raw carrots, couldn't get enough of them! until i read something about carotene poisoning, i remember going to my doctors for an antenatal appointment and asking him in a panic if i was going to have an orange baby!! He laughed and said 'No, he didn't think so' (whilst giving me a look that said 'we have a right one here!')

This is Stevie at about 3 or 4 months old with a rather puzzled look on her face!


As you can see, i didn't have an orange baby! She is really tall though, at 5' 9" she is way taller than most of her friends

stevie 16

Happy 16th Birthday Stevie!


Thank you all for your kind comments on my LHN ornie and the congratulations and well wishes for my #1DD. Her passing out ceremony went well, (i have since learnt that the official name for this is an Attestation), she will be in training now for the next 17 weeks before she is let loose on catching criminals! there is lots to learn, she is getting tons of reading/homework but is loving every minute.


I've given this week up to finishing my ABC and thanks to the frog hopping it and an almost all day stitching fest on Saturday I'm primed for a finish for the weekend.
No stiching tonight, as we went out for a meal in honor of the Birthday Girl, but I'll be getting a numb bum on Thursday & Friday night to get that finish :-)

Speak soon. x

Monday 12 April 2010

He's A Flake - He's A Finished!

Here's the little guy all stitched up and finished off!
I must say that he looked nothing special from the chart but now he's all done i just love him!!
He's A Flake! - Finished 10/4/2010
LHN Monthly Ornament - 'He's A Flake'
Stitched with the recommended threads
Linen - mystery piece from my stash
It's a pity he's got to be hidden away in a box until Christmas, i want to show him off now!, lol
I dug out my ABC to work on this weekend, I'd forgotten that i was so close to finishing this one. I was happily stitching away yesterday afternoon on the border until i noticed that i was one stitch off, this is the offending bit
I started one stitch too high, i can't ignore it because it will throw the rest off, but i was too disheartened yesterday to rip it out and started over on the other side instead, I'll take out the little blighters in a couple of days when I've got over it!
Only two sections to go on this piece so I'm going to keep going this week and see if i can get done.
My other exciting news to share tonight is that my eldest daughter has started her training as a Police Constable today and we will be having a 'Proud Parent Moment' tomorrow night watching her at her passing out ceremony, i can't tell you how proud we are of her, she is such a hard worker and always gives 100% in everything she does and so deserves every success :-)
Right, that's me caught up for a few days, off to settle into bed with my book and a cuppa :-) Until next time xx

Monday 5 April 2010

Rubie Owl

Tomorrow morning is back to work, I've had four lovely days off and since Bank Holiday weather is notoriously bad here in the UK i had nothing more energetic planned than sitting and stitching and catching on TV programmes I'd recorded. (I've become addicted to Anthea Turner's Perfect Housewife). It's on the 'Home' Channel between 1am-3am, which only goes to show how sad i am as the programme doesn't even warrant prime time viewing!! What can i say, the woman has some great cleaning and storage tips!!
I've also been playing about with my blog colours, again! i can't seem to find something to stick with, these will do for now though. My header is a photo i took of the daffodils in my garden, me and my daughter planted over 200 of them last year and i am thrilled so many made it to flowering :-) They bring a lovey splash of colour to the garden even when it's raining.
Anyway, here's the progress i made on Rubie Owl.
Rubie Owl - April 2010
I really love the way these colours jump out at you, but does anyone else have a problem with Belle Soie silks knotting? I usually work with about a yard of floss but have had to reduce this to less because of knotting.
Rubie Owl - April 2010
The fabric is more of a sandy colour, which is refusing to show up true in the photos.
the weekend was spent stitching mostly leaves, and after a while I lost the ability to count! i must have frogged as many as I've stitched!! I need to order a couple of colours to finish off the tree, and because of the Bank Holiday they will be a few more days yet.
Rubie Owl -April 2010
Rubie Owl - April 2010
I'm putting Rubie back in the bag this week and working on the LHN monthly ornament, He's A Flake, it feels like ages since i had a finish and this looks like it will be a quickie. Until next time, have a great week.