Monday 19 September 2022

A final goodbye

 It's been about five weeks or so since I last wrote a blog post proper, I won't bore you with all the whys, just to say that I had a good few weeks when I felt quite down.  You would think that I'd have gotten used to staying at home by now, I've always been quite happy in my own company, but, there are still times when I miss the routine of going to work and mixing with people and having a purpose to my day.  I'm not going to dwell on my woes though, I will just say that I am making an effort to get out of the house more, and I feel better for it.

I've still been doing my knitting, and even stitching again and I'll share everything over the next few posts rather than bombard you with everything at once.  

I might as well start with one of my older finished pieces which was recently fully finished.

You may remember that I stitched Happy Christmas by Prairie Schooler during December 2021, I shared my finish in my January 1st post this year. 

I took it to my local needlework shop to be framed at the beginning of July, they are very busy at the moment and I only got a text to say it was ready to be picked up last week, and so here it is.

I chose a frame that will stand without support and I'm extremely happy with how it turned out.

The frame is showing a little brown here but it is black to match the aida and has a subtle grain which is more defined on this close up photo.

I'm going to enjoy having this one on display come Christmas.

A final goodbye

Of course today is the State funeral of our Queen, Elizabeth II. 
So many thousands of people made the journey to London to be part of this historic event and it's been wonderful to see everyone paying their respects in a quiet and dignified way.  
For those that couldn't make that journey the coverage on TV these last ten days has been outstanding, so that even sitting at home we have been part of it.

I've been sitting here this morning paying my respects in my own way and watching the proceedings on the TV, both the procession and the service in Westminster were very moving, she was truly a remarkable woman and will be greatly missed, not only here in Britain but across the world too.  

With the passing of  Queen Elizabeth II the New Elizabethan era ended, It's now time for King Charles to step into his mother's shoes, carry on her good work, and take us into the Carolean era.  I'm sure he will do a grand job, he has been in training for so many years and seems to have the same values as the late Queen, so I think we are in safe hands.

Thursday 8 September 2022

Sad day

So sad hearing the announcement that our Queen died this afternoon.

21st April 1926 - 8th September 2022

On Tuesday she appointed our new Prime Minister, Liz Truss.  Queen Elizabeth II really did honor her duty to her country right to the end

God Bless