Monday 24 August 2009

Home again Home again!

Back safe and sound last night from holiday, I've had a lovely relaxing time doing nothing much but reading, a bit of stitching and dipping into the pool to cool off every now and then:-) Just the kind of rest i needed to re-charge my batteries. I'm back to work in the morning, although I'm not really looking forward to it, but as my lottery numbers still haven't been drawn i suppose i will be up at 7am, (sigh).

Here's a little look at the in laws house in Cyprus - i spent my days sitting in the peace and quiet reading my book here

This is the side looking towards the pool
and again looking towards the front
This is where i sat to do a little stitching, it's part shaded so was perfect, believe it or not I've never stitched outdoors before ........
...............but i could get used to it with this setting!
Here's a little glimpse through those trees
Towards the hills...there is actually a proper tarmac road over there now, years ago it was just a dirt road and of course Mark just had to drive over there! it doesn't look much but believe me it is high up and there were boulders everywhere at one point which we had to keep stopping to move out of the road! Below is looking right and towards the sea, although i think it is just about out of view from here.
Although i didn't stitch as often as i would have done at home i did make some progress on MW

The majority of part 2 is complete, although that little critter caused me some trouble! i think i stitched him 3 times before i got him right! the little mystery motif above the squirrel kept us guessing, lol, to my mind now it's stitched it looks like a turtle with something in it's mouth, Stevie thinks it looks like a (tiny) camel, lol. From this photos it just looks like a splodge! I'll take a better one next time and you can see.
I'll save some photos for my next post and just leave you with a couple of Stevie-Leigh for now.
These two were taken at the harbour in Paphos

and eating out one night.
I have been reading your blogs while I've been away but didn't get around to commenting, I'll catch up with you all this week, have a wonderful week and thank you for all your lovely comments, they are truly appreciated :-)

Sunday 9 August 2009

I'm Goin Where The Sun Keeps Shining!

I'm so behind with blogging & blog reading, i had every intention but the last few weeks just haven't been flowing right for me, i seem to be continually on catch up mode and have been generally out of sorts with most things, it happens sometimes though i suppose we all get fed up! I really had my heart set on finishing AT this week and at the framers this weekend but that just didn't happen, how can such a small amount of stitching take so long, i swear the chart was growing the more i stitched! As for Mary, well she was abandoned this week in favour of AT, but because i neglected her I'm taking her on holiday with me (hence the title of the post lol) she is as i type sitting in my suit case ready to travel. this is where i got to, page one all finished.

A couple of people wanted to know what threads I'm using, well it's good old DMC, 3777, 839 & 840. I'm stitching on 18 count with one thread. It's a bit strange stitching with one thread but I'm slowly getting used to it.

So it's off to Cyprus for me & Stevie this morning, it was a bit of a last minute thing, only booked it last week, our flight is at 9am, we are staying at mother & father in laws for 2 weeks! Mark isn't coming with us this time, he won't be able to have time off now until the end of October so it's just a girly thing this time. I will have Internet access while I'm away so may try and catch up a bit in the next 2 weeks.

Right, I'm off, we have to be out the house by 6.30, see you all after the 23rd, have a great weekend / week whatever you are up to and thank you all for your lovely comments, i really do appreciate them :-)