Wednesday 11 October 2023

Go faster stripes

The weeks and months are going so fast that I can hardly keep up, so I'd better share what I managed to complete in September before we get any further into October!

It was all about the stripy sock this time, somehow they seem to knit up quicker, they don't of course, It just that there is a little more interest.  
These blue ones are in the West Yorkshire Sprinner colourway Blue Lagoon.

They were intended for my youngest daughter, but they turned out a little big for, however, they fit Mark perfectly.  

I've wanted to try Opal yarn for a while but can't find any in local shops, I did find some a few months ago in a little shop in Stroud, two balls came home with me and I have to say that I much prefer It to WYS.

I also finished a little crib blanket in September, no reason for knitting it other than I wanted to knit something plain and simple and this fitted the bill.  It'll be tucked away and be ready to gift at a future date.

Lastly I stitched up another little Autumn pillow.  This one is by Puntini Puntini
I love the little spider and the black cat 

That's all my crafty endeavours for September, I'm not feeling the urge to stitch or knit much at the moment so there might not be a lot to show for October makes, although On Sunday I am going to a stitching day retreat so perhaps that will inspire and motivate me.

Some sad news to end on -
After a short illness my brother in-law, (my eldest sisters husband) passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning.  He will be missed very much, not only by my sister, his children and grandchildren but by extended family too, I can't remember a time when he wasn't there.   They are both quite a few years older than me and have been together since they were 14 so I would have been about 2 years old then, It's going to be so strange to think he's not there. 
My sister is doing ok at the moment, dreading the funeral of course, but there are things that have to be done to keep her going at the moment, It will be afterwards that will be the hardest for her.

Until next time