Monday 30 June 2014

Destination Santorini - Part One!

Since I don't have much in the way of crafting to share with you all I thought you might like to see where we went on holiday.
We love Greece, the food and the people, such a lovely friendly race and we have been lucky enough to holiday on several Greek Islands over the years.  
Mark has wanted to visit Santorini for a while now but it's always come out quite expensive but a few months ago we came upon quite a good deal.  We only booked for a week and it went by all too quickly, this is now my most favourite Greek destination :-)

For those who want to read a little of the history of Santorini you can find it here.  It is one of the most beautiful places we have been in a long time and we are already thinking of booking again.
So, without any more rambling from me here is Santorini, part 1.

The following were taken in Oia (it's built on the hillside)

Lots of people visit Oia to see the sunset

There are various vantage points, these people are sitting on an ancient fortress

Unfortunately for us the evening we visited the sunset wasn't very spectacular, but we still enjoyed the atmosphere.

I wonder where this door leads to?
Not one of the fancy hillside hotels I fear, lol

Donkeys seemed to be the popular mode of transport because everything is on the steep side, although these looks like mules, a little on the large side for a donkey,

These I took around the hotel we were staying in, It was only a small place but was very well kept and clean.

I don't know the significance of the windmill, we did see some really large ones on the way to Oia which were obviously being lived in.

I have a 'thing' about windows, and this one appealed to me :-)

The pool wasn't huge, just enough to have a little swim around and cool down and as there were hardly any people around it suited us just fine.

 Saw plenty of these little critters running around :-)

And just to end on a crafty note, I spied these crochet belts in one of the shops in Oia. Proving that crochet is cool, lol

 I hope you enjoyed my little tour, I will be back in a few days with part 2.....if you can bare it, lol

Until next time

Sunday 1 June 2014

Still Waiting

I thought that by now I would have been able to share our new house with you, but unfortunately we are still struggling to secure a moving date.  This move has so many people in the chain, 7, yes 7 people all trying to work towards a mutually acceptable completion date.   The person at the beginning dropped out leaving 2 houses back on the market, luckily one house sold again within 24 hours but that then meant that there were 2 new buyers in an already established chain who had to get mortgages, surveys and searches done.  Then the people at the top of the chain lost out on the house they wanted, the builder decided to put it back on the market because it was taking too long.  They have since found something else, and so it goes on, waiting, waiting, waiting.  We have been told that all searches, surveys etc for the new people should be back sometime next week, I won't hold my breath, I'm trying not to think about it too much because it gives me a headache.....literally, I was in bed two days last week with a migraine, stressful, so, so stressful.

To keep me from going mad I have been going great guns on my granny square blanket, remember this little pile of squares?

They have multiplied and now there is this many!

Lots and lots of colourful squares :-)
(and about a zillion ends to sew in, lol)

Construction can start this afternoon, you never know, I might have it finished in time for my 'new' home :-)

My needlebook was also finished and made up, although I really am disappointed with my finishing.  I knew this would be my downfall,  although it's only for me so when I can overlook the mistakes (and there are many), I will start to use it.

It doesn't look too bad in this photo, which goes to show that the camera does lie, lol.

The other finishing I've managed is the loveliest, most cutest bunting I've ever seen :-)  In fact, I think it's the BEST thing I've done in ages and makes me happy every time I look at it :-)

I followed the tutorial on Jacquie's blog (Bunny Mummy), which was very clear and easy to follow and also used her method of making a long chain to hang them on, (I used two different colours, yellow and orange held together).

 And then I made 10 little pom poms to finish them off

I can see me making more bunting, It's just so cheerful and happy!

I'll leave you with a couple of photos of the columbine we have in our garden, I've dug up some of these plants to take with us, but they will be well past their best by they time they reach their new home.

I love the delicate frill on these flowers, so lovely.

Until next time