Friday 3 January 2014

I'm a Hooker!!

For the longest time I have oohh'd and aahh'd over the wonderful crochet projects on Lucy's blog.  
I've Googled, You Tubed and borrowed books from the library in order to learn how to crochet, but always found it very confusing.

But then by chance I found out that a class for complete beginners was being held at a local craft shop.  Joanne, DD#2 had wanted to learn too so off we went to sign up!

Joanne picked it up almost right away, I struggled and only managed to come away with a small (very small) granny square.  Not to be defeated, I practised granny squares for the rest of the weekend until I was happy that they looked, if not perfect, then at least ok.  
My youngest daughter, Stevie put her hand up for a blanket, but I was daunted by the thought of sewing all those little squares together, (besides, I haven't done the class that shows how to sew them all together :-)  So, I just kept going...

And going

Until I almost ran out of yarn!
As you can see, It fit's atop my double bed perfectly :-)
More by luck than judgement and measuring though I must say!

So, now I'm a hooker, lol, and I'm so happy with my first hooky 
project, and my first finish of the year :-) and Stevie is happy with her new blanket.
  I'm missing working on it already!!  I guess some more yarn will be purchased very soon :-)

There have been lots of things happening while I've been away from blog land and I will think of them and try to include them in my posts as I go, but I just had to include a photo I took of this little fella today.   
While most of the UK went back to work this morning I had another day because I was looking after this amazing little dude

Can you believe that he will be 15 months old this month!
His Momma went back to work part time in October and the days that she works I take off my job to look after him.  
It's working ok at the moment, sometimes I have him in the day time (that's when I have the day off), sometimes I have him after I finish work in the afternoon and sometimes we have him at the weekend, It's not every day so It works out fine and I just love having him :-)

Well, that's about all the news for now, I'm still trying to catch up on blogs and blog reading but I will get around to you all sooner or later.  Thank you for reading my ramblings tonight, you are all so kind to have stayed with me.

Until next time