Tuesday 20 June 2023

Solo Saturday outing

I haven't had a day out for a while, decorating and keeping on top of the garden have taken up any spare time I've had but I noticed that Much Wenlock had a Made in Shropshire market happening on Saturday, so while Mark was fitting our new bedroom lights and rehanging the door I took myself on a little outing.
Much Wenlock is a medieval market town in the Shropshire countryside, about forty minutes from us and is a pleasant drive with countryside views for most of the way.    I've passed it many times on my way to our Nimble Thimble meet-ups but never stopped to walk through.  

The main street was closed to traffic because of the market, there were about twenty or so stalls selling various handmade wares.  There are no big name stores here, just a few independent shops, gift shops and cafe's and a beautiful yarn shop called Ippikn.  I might have treated myself to a ball of sock yarn, (It would have been rude not to), but unfortunately couldn't get a photo of the shop front because there were too many people about.  You can find Ippikin on FB though if you are interested.

Holly Trinity Church, where there was a wedding happening, lots of people stopped to get a glimpse of the bride

The Guildhall is at the end of the main street, this holds various exhibitions throughout the year, on market day you can buy fruit, veg and flowers from the Buttermarket

After browsing what was on offer in the markets and having some lunch in one of the cafes I thought I'd have a stroll around the other streets and be nosey at the houses and gardens, as you do.  

Oh my goodness there were some super cute cottages and some rather grander houses, all beautiful, I'll let you have a look

The Police Station, built in 1864 is now a beautiful house and a grade II listed building, I love the blue brick brickwork.

I didn't get a photo of the whole of the next building, it was the name over the doorway that caught my eye.
Apparently Richard de Bastard owned the original Hall in the 13 century, that house was destroyed by fire and was replaced by the one standing there today.   I suppose the name is quite unique and that's why It's remained, still, not sure I'd like it as my address. 

There is an old estate agents listing from 2017 HERE, if you want to see what It's like inside.

After that I got rather obsessed with front doors and roses, but they are all so pretty so I think you'll forgive me :-)

Aren't they gorgeous?   Now of course I want roses growing around my door too 😁😁

I think I may try to go back to Much Wenlock for a visit again soon as there is lots more to see, there is an old Priory which I didn't have time for on Saturday and Wenlock Edge for wooded and scenic walks


Before I sign off I'd like to thank those of you who left me a comment on my last post.  It means a lot that you took the time to write me a few words.  This first week without Millie in the house has been a strange one, It seems quieter somehow, even though Millie wasn't a very vocal cat, (neither is Molly).
 It was always Millie who greeted me at the door If I'd been out, I've missed that, a lot.  Molly has seemed a bit quieter too, she has lost her best friend and sleeping companion, they used to lie together all the time so she must be feeling her absence too poor thing.  Hopefully she'll perk up again soon.


Sunday 11 June 2023

Our Millie


I'm so very sad to say that we had to say goodbye to Millie on Friday.   

She had been getting steadily worse over the last month or so and last Tuesday I noticed she was having trouble with one of her back legs and that It was swollen.  A trip to the vets that night revealed it was fluid, she had it in both back legs but one was very bad.  We were told that there was nothing that could be done for that and it was probably time to think about letting her go. 

From then she didn't want to leave her bed much, only to eat, which was very little, and to lie in the sunshine on the step occasionally.  The swelling seemed to go down a bit but by Friday morning she was clearly struggling to walk very far at all and we could tell that It was time.

You can imagine how I felt, I was in bits. I wanted her to have her last hours in the comfort of her own home, and we were able to arrange that, but waiting for the vet to arrive was just awful.  In the end she was comfortable in her bed and had all her favorite treats, cake, some milk and a cheese triangle.  She didn't even notice the vet was there and I was right there beside her all the time.  

Millie chose us 19 years ago, running to us and climbing onto Stevies lap as we knelt down to look at a pile of kittens asleep on the floor, I remember saying to Stevie that we have to have this one because she has chosen us.  We have always been glad that she was the one that came home with us that day.  She had such a quiet gentle soul but could be oh so funny and very playful.  

We were blessed to have her with us for so long and will always miss her sweet little face.

Sleep tight my beautiful girl