Friday 23 September 2011

Hey Ladies long time no see! sometimes life in general gets in the way of blogging and stitching, hopefully there will be a finish of some sorts to show you soon, and we have our first meeting of the newly formed stitching group this Wednesday, fourteen people have put their names forward so it should be fun :-)

oh, and i've joined Goodreads, a few of you have been kind enough to accept my invitation to become a friend - thank you :-) 
if you would like to follow me I've put a widget thingy in the side bar.
I was browsing the wonderful thing that is the World Wide Webb this morning while at work,  (shush, don't tell, it was a quiet time ;-)) and i came across THIS it gives a whole new meaning to "A Sampler Wall" don't you  think?
See ya soon x