Sunday 26 September 2021

Drum Roll please

 Last time I posted an update on my Quaker Pumpkins stitching I mentioned that I had a finish in my mind that I thought would work for it but didn't know if I would be able to do it.

Well, with the help of Vonna's excellent drum finish tutorial I did it!

I used the same fabric top and bottom, I didn't have a lot of Autumn theme fabric to choose from but I thought this one brought the colours of the piece out.  

I'm so happy with it, I keep picking it up and looking at it, lol, (ha ha, does anyone else do that)?

Chenille trim is very very hard to find here in the UK but, The Works sell a narrow version which is what I've used here, the colour choice is very limited but this one was perfect. 

I used heavy card stock for the top and bottom and it is stuffed with toy stuffing, Vonna recommends using crushed (or ground) walnut shells to fill the gaps in the stuffing and to add a bit of weight, but again I couldn't get any so I've used rice.

It wasn't a quick finish but I followed Vonna's tutorial step by step and took my time and it really was easier than I thought it would be and I'd definitely make another.

The chart is Quaker Pumpkins by Hello From Liz Matthews and I stitched it on 20 count aida with the recommended colours.  As you can see I left out the bottom part of the chart because I wanted it to be more Autumn and less Halloween

I have another Autumn stitch I'd like to get done in time to display this year, I'm itching to start something new but I'm being very strict with myself to get some things finished first.

Hope you all have a great week


Wednesday 22 September 2021

Driving the Great Orme

 I didn't head straight for home on Monday, I decided to take my time and make the most of my last day.  I'd been very lucky with the weather while I was here, it was sunshine all the way, and Monday was no different.

I've mentioned previously that I visited the Great Orme in 2018,  there are more photo from the summit on that post HERE, that time I took a trip on the tram that runs to the top, this time I wanted to drive.  The start of the road is just past the pier and behind the Grant Hotel,  it's a toll road but only costs a few pounds and is well worth it, most of the road is one way traffic with a small section of two way, which makes for lovely drive with surprisingly very few cars. There are various places along the way where you can pull in to enjoy the scenery, I took my time and stopped often to walk along a section and enjoy the views.  The road splits off at one point, turn left and it will take you to the summit, carry straight on and it will take you to the West shore of Llandudno, (I posted about the West Shore a few days ago).  I drove to the summit first although I didn't spend too long there this time and then I drove back down to the intersection where you carry on down to the West Shore.

People do live on the Orme, I wonder if they realise how lucky they are or if you have this view everyday do you start not to notice?

There is also a hotel, no wonder there are no vacancies, what a view!

Saint Tudno's church dates back to the  6th century and is well worth stopping to see and walk around the grounds.  (I did take a video walking around the grounds but can't seem to upload it from google photos)

The next two photos are taken from the summit 

And then it was back down and the drive to the West shore

It was such a lovely way to end my few days away and I'm glad I took the time to do it.  
Of course, the place is so much better than my photos could ever do it justice and you have to be there to appreciate the peace and tranquility.
So now I've taken the tram and driven the Orme, next time I visit I would like to walk it, there were quite a few people walking and I think you could take your time, enjoy the views and it would be fantastic.

Another long photo heavy post so If you made it to the end, thank you for indulging me :-)


Sunday 19 September 2021

Llandudno from higher up

Well my little break is almost at an end, but I had one last walk around Llandudno this evening, heading uphill to get these lovely views as the sun was going down for the day.
 I've had a lovely time on my solo get away, I'm lucky that Mark understands that sometimes I need to be on my own, so going away by myself is never an issue.

I have a drive up the Great Orme planned tomorrow before I start my journey home, last time I visited Llandudno I took the tram to the top of the Great Orme but I think I would be good to drive up this time.


Friday 17 September 2021

Found a few crafty shops

Before I came away I did a search on line to see if there were any craft shops in Llandudno and I got three results, The Wool Shop Llandudno, Ewe Felty Thing and Crafty-Ty Wools, all were in walking distance.  Ewe Felty Thing was the nearest, a lovely shop selling various hand dyed yarns plus other commercial yarn that I had only seen other people show on podcasts, I spent a while in there and I did buy something but it might be a present so I won't show it yet.  I didn't think to take any photos inside but the woman was lovely and friendly.  There are no shops where I live that sell hand dyed yarn so this was a real treat.

Crafty-TY Wool shop is such a lovely shop, so bright, airy and modern, but cute too, It was a mother and daughter here and again they were both lovely, friendly and very helpful.

I recently decorated our smallest bedroom and have been thinking that I would like to crochet a blanket for the single bed in there, It will be a Winter project but seeing as they had all the Stylecraft colours in stock I decided to get them while I could.  Not very good photo, the light in this room is very poor.

I couldn't resist buying a couple of fluffy pompoms, they were only £2.50, they will be good for any hats I knit for Bonnie this winter.

My last purchase from there will be a Christmas present for my daughter, Joanne.  The yarn is called ReTwisted Chainy Cotton and came with a free pattern for a crochet Rustic Market Bag.  They had a sample bag made up and it's a decent size, I know she has looked a making one of these so I hope she likes the yarn colour I chose. 

The other wool shop sold loads of other crafty items as well as lots of commercial yarn.  I managed to find some buttons that I think will go well on my cardigan.

I came back to the hotel around lunchtime and did a couple of hours stitching, I might have had a cheeky nap too ;-)  I went for a walk late afternoon to the other side of the bay, I'll leave you with some of those photos.