Tuesday 31 January 2012

Milicent Turner

  I'm over the freezer incident, he wisely left it until after lunch the next day to call me, I had a rant, he took it on the chin and apologised and we left it at that (I had planned my revenge of feeding him beans on toast for a month, but thought i might be taking the punishment too far :-) 
I could, like some of you suggested make him do the shopping to re-fill it, but you haven't seen Mark with a shopping trolley, it's like watching a contestant on Dale Winton's Super Market Sweep!
And I'd end up with 48 cans of beer, 10 boxes of Brains Faggots and several Fray Bentos Pies 
But I'm over it, really, I am, (and i only said that trough slightly gritted teeth :-)

So, my Christmas start was Little House Needleworks Milicent Turner.
Stitched with Crescent Colours, Clay Pot, Cocoa Bean, Roasted Chestnut, Weeping Willow and DMC B5200
On 28 count even weave which I coffee dyed.

Started on 26th December 2011
Finished on 29th January 2012  (quite quick for me :-)

The lovely Elaine gifted me with a $25 gift certificate to spend at Wasatch for my birthday. (Thanks again Elaine!).  
These are the charts I chose.

Annie Beez Angels Among Us

And Elizabeth Jackson 1824 

(The photos above are courtesy of a Google search, because try as I might I just couldn't get a decent shot!)

I also treated myself to some goodies.  
Every Saturday we have £1 each on the Lotto, and last week some of my numbers came up - no, not the millions, if that had happened, trust me, I would be sipping a long cold drink on a sun-kissed island somewhere. (I've long ago resigned myself to the fact that we are the sort of people who work for their money).  Just three balls with my numbers on came out, but it netted me a tenner, which I promptly spent on a couple of charts I needed :-)

These photos are also from the world wide interweb

Now I'm just spoilt for choice with what to start next!

Thank you for visiting my little space today, as always your comments are much appreciated and very welcome :-)

Until next time x

Tuesday 24 January 2012

It's A Good Job He's Working Away!!!!!

Skip back to Sunday morning and i ask DH (who so doesn't deserve the title right now!) to move the freezer and sweep under it, our freezer, a large chest freezer, is in the cellar, which I might add I spent at least an hour after work every day last week clearing of the duplicated amount of things we seem to have acquired over the last few years and also disposing of said rubbish, anyway...
He reports that jobs is done, and I think no more about it.
Until tonight...when i go to get mince beef out to make spag bol tomorrow night.

You just know what coming don't you?  
The stupid $%&**$ hadn't plunged the freekin freezer back in!
I just fired a text off to him letting him know what I'm thinking, (and I can't write that down here or you would just not speak to me again!)

So, it's 11'O'clock and I'm going to throw everything out of the freezer before i go to bed - 2 joints of meat, 3 lots of stewing beef for casseroles, bags of salmon, cod, haddock, pies, bread and numerous bags of (what was) frozen veg, i stopped counting the waste after the first bag was full!

All I can say is that it's a good jobs it's bin collection day tomorrow because I've go two extra bags FULL of food for them tomorrow.

Speak soon when i can get my breath

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Chat Noir - A Review

A couple of weeks ago Yiota, the owner of contacted me to ask if I would like to do a review of one of the cross stitch kits from her website.
I had a good roam around the website, (which, by the way is very easy to navigate your way around) and this kit caught my eye

When I went to Paris with daughters #1 and 2 a couple of years ago the Chat Noir picture was everywhere and being the crazy cat lady that I am, it appealed to me :-) 
I have absolutely no idea no idea what the original picture was for but don't you just love that cats smiling  face?

Once I'd made my choice and emailed Yiota back I received the pack very quickly.

The kit contains, the chart, threads, 14 count Aida and a needle, a key for the symbols and instructions

The stitch count is 127 x 159 with whole stitches only and the chart is spread over four A4 pages, the black and white symbols are a decent size and easy to read - here's a section of the chart

The kit contains Madeira threads which are pre-wound onto nice sized bobbins and clearly marked with the thread number - In this instance the chart only calls for three different colours, but I really liked that the threads were pre-wound :-)

Madeira pre-wound threads, aida fabric and needle

The instructions & Tips page clearly sets out how to get started and how to read the chart, very handy if you are a novice stitcher. The key to the symbols, a list of threads, stitch count and instructions are contained on a separate page

If you are interested in this particular kit or any other then please follow the link above.

Thank you Yiota for giving me this opportunity, I can't wait to get started on my smiling Chat Noir :-)