Sunday 31 March 2024

A couple of March makes

Happy Easter 🐰

I hope you are all enjoying this Easter Sunday.  The children have been to collect their Easter eggs, no egg hunt this year as the garden is still too wet and soggy.  Me and Mark have enjoyed a lovely roast pork dinner followed by a quiet afternoon, me knitting and hubby watching tv.

As it's the end of another month, (they go too quickly!), I thought I'd pop in and share a couple of  the things that I've made during the month of March.  I want to keep this post short today so I will pop back soon and share the rest.

If you are on IG you will probably have seen my first make, it was all over instagram for a while, and I did resist for a few weeks before I jumped on the travelling sewing case bandwagon.  

 It seemed a shame to pull apart a perfectly good jewelry box and I wasn't really sure mine would turn out as good as some I'd seen but It turned out alright, not as fancy as some but It serves my purpose just fine.  I did wonder if it would be useful to me but I found it works great, everything is in one place, no hunting for scissors or another needle, I have everything at hand, and I'm enjoying using it, which is the main thing.

Another make this month was only done yesterday, and will probably be a work in progress for a while.  It's been in my head since last Autumn that I wanted a wildlife pond.  I cleared a space back in September /October last year when everything was dying off, I mentioned it to Mark and I don't think he was convinced at the time.  
I was going to buy a pre-formed pond from Amazon, then I saw something pop up on IG where a large container had been used to make a small pond, and I remembered that I'd seen the perfect thing in The Range the week before.

The weather was beautiful yesterday so Mark dug out the hole and set the container in the ground, he did dig in a lot of sharp sand because the ground is still so boggy and we have a heavy clay, hopefully it won't move too much.

And here it is at the moment

I used some wood from a bush we chopped down last year to soften one side but I have to buy some rocks and cobbles to finish the edges, I'm so happy with it.  When we first moved here we used to see lots of frogs in the garden, not so much now but hopefully they will return once word gets around.

 I will get some plants to put in and Mark, who is convinced now, (I don't know why he doubted because he knows I'm always right 😀😀) thinks we should get a pump to aerate the water, he even admitted that the frog I bought last week and which he laughed at looks at home there 😏

I posted these photos on a gardening group on FB and someone commented that the pond was too small for fish and they would get eaten by cats or birds???  So, before anyone gets worried, I can assure you there are NO fish in the pond, the orange/red you can see are reflections from my camilia which is in flower, I can sort of see why she would think they were fish though, ha ha.

I made a coffee and walnut cake this morning and there is a slice calling me from the kitchen so I will leave it there for now and pop back again soon and share my other makes from March.

Enjoy the rest of the Easter holidays



Lowcarb team member said...

I like the look of your pond and your frog really looks a friendly one :)

Your coffee and walnut cake looks delicious, I'm sure you have already enjoyed a slice or two!

Belated good wishes for Easter and more good wishes for the new month of April.

All the best Jan

Jackie said...

Very cute pond. I agree that having some type of aeration would be a very good idea.

God bless.

Poppypatchwork said...

That is a clever use for a jewellery box, keeping everything close, tidy and hidden. I love your pond, it's already looking good, your frog brightens the spot. Hubby made chocolate brownies, which was probably a bit too much chocolate, but they did taste lovely.

butterfly said...

Love the pond ,We have just done the same how funny .
Our old wooden one broke so we just put in the same one that you have , we have not sunk ours because the pump is already there. Have fun hugs June

Jo said...

Your little sewing case is so pretty as well as functional, it's always handy to have everything you might need in one place. We built a small wildlife pond in our old garden, it's amazing the amount of wildlife such a small amount of water attracts to the garden. Oxygenating plants should be sufficient for aeration and to keep the pond nice and clear, it keeps it more natural for wildlife. Ooh yum, coffee and walnut cake is one of my favourites, it looks delicious.

Back2OurSmallCorner said...

Even the tiniest of ponds can attract wildlife so it is always worth making room for one. Your recycled sewing case looks fantastic and is practical and very pretty. Look forward to seeing your other projects. Happy April days x

Carol said...

Your little sewing case looks so cute--and useful! And I love the pond--sure hope those neighborhood frogs visit soon (your pond, not your stitching :) Happy April, Maggie! ♥