Monday 8 July 2024

Mrs Tiggywinkle

 We've had a cute little visitor for about a week now.  I was in the kitchen just as it was getting dark and there she was scurrying about on the grass, I called Mark and we watched as she made her way around the garden down the edge and across the patio.  She rummaged about in the tomato house and then made her way back up the path.   I'm saying she but of course I have no idea if Tiggy (that's what I've named her), is male for female, she is quite a size so definitely an adult.

My phone camera isn't the best in low light, Ill have to try with my camera to get some better photos.

I did put some mealworms out the night after I first saw her but then found out that these are not suitable as they are high in phosphorus and low in calcium and cause Metabolic Bone Disease.  Hedgehogs are on the Red list which apparently means they are considered to be at risk of local extinction.  It's recommended that if putting food out cat and dog food is ok, either wet or dry.  I put some cat biscuits out last night and she wolfed them down, I'm so happy she has chosen our garden as one of her feeding grounds 😁

Also from the garden this week, my first courgettes, peas and sweet peas.  I have been picking peas a while but Bonnie and Jacob raid them when they come, lol

More courgettes this morning, they are so much better than shop bought, not as watery.  Only me likes these, I have them in place of pasta or rice so they will get used up.

Hope you all have a great week



Chris said...

We have a regular hedgehog too, great isn't it?

Poppypatchwork said...

You are so lucky to have your hedgehog visiting, we haven't seen one in this garden for years. Nice harvest, I'm hoping for our first courgette this week, but sadly I am ripping out our beans.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

It's so nice when flowers and produce begin to appear. We too have a hedgehog so I make sure we have water available all the time and we have put food out when we saw her during the day. Aren't they simply adorable.

Back2OurSmallCorner said...

How wonderful to have Mrs Tiggy visiting your garden. Your flower and veg crops are looking really good this year. My peas have done ok but the sweetpeas - I've had much better years. Oh well there is always next year :-)

Lowcarb team member said...

How lovely to have a visiting hedgehog.

Your courgettes, peas and sweet peas look good.

All the best Jan

butterfly said...

We also have a little hedgehog in our garden , she is so little , she rolls down the steps, her legs are tiny.
Love your garden. Hugs June.

Jo said...

We used to get hedgehogs in the garden when I was a child. It started with one, then she brought her mate, and eventually her children, so keep watching!

Jackie said...

I so wish we had hedgehogs. The only ones I have ever seen are someone's pet. So cute.

God bless.

Carol said...

We don't have hedgehogs over here, but I wish we did--they are so darling the way they roll up and move along. Very cute!