Wednesday, 19 January 2022

I'm ready for some cold weather now

 I've been wanting to knit the Snuggle Down Cowl ever since it was released but wasn't sure what yarn to use, the pattern suggestion is one strand of 4ply held together with mohair, (or similar) but looking through finished items I noticed a couple knitted in James C. Brett Driftwood DK, I had a ball of that tucked away so decided to make use of it.

I love the way it knitted up , and it's perfect tucked inside a jacket.  The yarn is so soft you don't even know it's there, I would definitely knit this pattern again, it was a simple repeat, easy to memorise and knit up in no time at all.  Now all I need is some weather cold enough for me to wear it!

The shade is DW01 and the Snuggle Down Cowl pattern can be found on Ravelry, (paid for pattern)

I had a lovely quiet weekend, I was going to go out on Saturday but changed my mind and instead I pottered around the house.  I watched two of my DVD's over the weekend and I had a lazy Monday watching the third one.

Alfie and Sex And The City I hadn't seen previously but really enjoyed them, I think everyone has seen Forrest Gump but I'd forgotten what a great film it is, thoroughly enjoyed it all over again, and Tom Hanks looks so young, lol

They were a great buy at three for £1, they have now gone into the charity bag for someone else to enjoy.  I will be on the look out for others when I go into town next.

The de-cluttering is continuing, the loft threw up a big box of photos that I have been slowly going through, bringing back some lovely memories.  I don't want to put these back up the loft so they are sitting in piles on the dining table waiting to be put in albums.  There is one more box up the loft to go through and then that can be crossed off my list.

 Three wordrobes have been sorted and rearanged, it's evident that we have too many clothes!  I did donate a bag full to charity, so that's cleared a bit of space but I'm always reluctant to get rid of clothes, other items, If they are not used, I have no problem with, but clothes I seem to hang on to for some reason.

What do you hang on to that you should clear out?



Jo said...

Your cowl is lovely, it looks so soft and snuggly, just what you want in the cold weather. I'm sure it will come eventually, we can't go through a whole winter with only mild weather. Yes, Forrest Gump is a great film, we watched The Green Mile again over Christmas, another great Tom Hanks film. We've just decluttered Eleanor's bedroom, she's been in her own house a year yet she's been in no rush to take her things and clear her room. Mick's been to the charity shop today and Eleanor's taken the things she wants home with her. Unfortunately, we've got Daniel and Jasmine's stuff all in boxes here but they should be moving back to Leeds next week so that will be another load of stuff gone.

Poppypatchwork said...

Love your knitting it's very pretty, shame I can't stand anything around my neck, I have a shawl design I have used. As for clothes, if they don't fit or you know you will never wear them, then they should go, I don't take mine to the charity shops anymore I put the in the Sally army bins, which help directly to those who need it. I have about a third of what I owned and feel much better for the less choice.

butterfly said...

Love your cowl.
Great films too.
I keep my cloths for years , but I do try them all on each year and if they have not been worn in that year it goes . I do pack away my Spring and Summer cloths , then slowly replace them from March a few each week until the Autumn and Winter are packed away again .
I have way to many best cloths , but I need them for our duties.
Then there are every day cloths I wear most days.

Clare-Aimetu said...

That is definitely a cold weather wear, no wonder you want the temperatures to drop it's lovely. All our unwanted stuff goes to charity shops, even torn and scrappy items as they get money for rags.

Lazy Days & Sundays said...

Your cowl is lovely and such warm colours. Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actors and Forest Gump and The Green Mile are at the top of the list of his films for me.

Sometimes you just have to stop the merry go round and take time for yourself and there is nothing better than vegging out on the sofa with knitting or crochet and watching a family favourite.


linda said...

The cowl is lovely I love the colours, those DVDs were a great bargain for a weekends entertainment, I would watch all of those again. I tend to hang onto clothes for ages thinking I will wear them one day. The hardest things to get rid of are outfits that you have bought for special occasions, I have two wedding outfits I'll probably never wear again.

Carol said...

Your new cowl is lovely and looks so warm, Maggie! We finally got some snow this week after a very mild winter. It does look lovely as long as I'm inside looking out :) Forrest Gump is one of my favorites--I can't even say how many times I've watched it. That is nice that you can pass the DVDs on to a charity shop.

Good for you for sticking with the decluttering. Something I should be doing as well. My clothes--um... I keep them forever because my size hasn't changed, but I really could use with a bit of an update! Of course, with Covid going on I just stay home for the most part, so what's the point in buying anything new!?

Hope you have a lovely day! ♥

Katrina said...

Hi Maggie, your cowl looks so lovely and snuggly, what a neat pattern. I'm in declutter mode here too, currently going through all my stitching and craft stash, it's been a lot of fun discovering kits and patterns that I'd forgotten about and also liberating too, finally deciding to part with some very old half done projects! Enjoy the rest of your week x

Jackie said...

Such a pretty cowl. I do hope you get some cold weather now so you can enjoy wearing it.

God bless.

Dee said...

Specialty flosses -----I rarely use them. I have too many of them. But, I can't let them go. I might NEED them someday.

Other than that, I am pretty good about not keeping *extra* stuff. I did a huge clean out before we moved from Orlando. Another when we moved from Jacksonville to Pennsylvania and again before Christmas.

I think we are about as organized as we can get.

Barb said...

That cowl is very pretty and it looks so warm!!It has such soft colors! Now I hope you get some nice cold weather to enjoy it!

Debi said...

Love the cowl! It's so pretty. I have lots of clothes (in lots of sizes!!) too and I do need to do some serious weeding out as my closet is jam packed full. I also have lots of books. We did donate a couple of boxes but now no one is accepting book donations.

Linda P said...

The cowl is pretty. Lovely colours and I'm sure it's snuggly and soft around the neck. I have lots of scarves of different material - some I have knitted myself. I like to wear something around my neck for comfort. Books are the things I hang on to, but do have two bags full ready to take to a charity shop too.

Lowcarb team member said...

Love your cowl, you will enjoy wearing it.
I think this weekend is going to be a cold one so maybe you might be wearing it then!

Having had a recent sort out, I will be taking some books to our local charity

Have a lovely weekend.

All the best Jan

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Your cowl is pretty. I enjoyed the Forrest Gump film and also read the book. Sadly the character in the book was not likable like the Tom Hanks one.