Friday, 14 January 2022

Park life

 It was a very misty start to the day today.  I'd promised Arty I would take him to the park, we got there about midday and you still couldn't see to the other side of the pond, it did make for some nice errie photos though.

There was a thin layer of ice all around the pond, I know that the wildlife are equiped for this icy water, but I do feel sorry for them all the same and as you can imagine they were starving.

The black headed gulls always make a scrabble for the food, they can be very annoying, but you couldn't blame them today.

We threw bread into the air to see them catch it, although, you do have to be careful to throw it up and out rather than up above your head, lol

Arty got to play on the park for a while, he would have been quite happy to stay on the swings all day.

We decided to leave the car at the park and walk into town to have some lunch and by that time the mist had cleared to show a beautiful blue sky, for a short time at least.

Spending the afternoon with Arty has been a lovely end to my week, and he enjoyed himself too.

Mark is working this weekend, I don't have any plans to go anywhere but I do have three DVD's lined up to watch which I bought from the charity shop a couple of weeks ago.

Hope you week has been a good one



Jackie said...

What great photos. Artie looks very comfortable on that swing.

God bless.

Dee said...

Your gull photos are gorgeous.

Love that big smile while Arty is swinging. Don't you sometimes wish they made swings for big people?

Barb said...

He is such a cute little boy! You got some wonderful pictures in the park! Sounds like a wonderful day and nice weekend to come!

butterfly said...

What a great day with your GS ,
Maggie your photos are just wonderful.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Great photos Maggie, which camera do you have? The cold and fog does give a different view to the world doesn't it.

It looks a fun day in the park.

Poppypatchwork said...

I love your photo's, they set the mood for a foggy day, we don't get to the park so often as Will is at school, George prefers inside actives, he's still not walking yet. Hope you have a lovely weekend, it is good to get some time to relax and do what you love.

linda said...

What fabulous photos, it looks as if Arty is having a lovely time. Enjoy your DVDs this weekend. xx

Jo said...

Your photos are fantastic, the fog certainly sets the scene perfectly. We've got that same weather here today though it's not forecast to lift until this evening so I'm not sure we'll get to see any blue skies. The one on one time you spend with your grandchildren is so special, times they'll look back on in the future and recall the happy times you spent together.

Vickie said...

Oh how fun! :) I hope you have a lovely weekend Maggie.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Tremendous bird photos, I'd say they're award winning.

Carolien said...

Hi Maggie,

Beautiful pictures and such a nice day out with Arty. Arty is a lovely boy!

Enjoy your weekend!
xxx Carolien

Lowcarb team member said...

I did enjoy reading and looking at this post.
Your photographs were all lovely to see, great captures.

Enjoy watching your DVD's.

All the best Jan

CJ said...

Fantastic photos, you've captured the birds beautifully. Nothing like a lovely crisp cold day at the park, especially good when you get back home after.

Carin said...

What a wonderful photo's !

Carol said...

Oh, Maggie--your bird photos are stunning! Beautiful day with your grandson!

valinacaffrey said...

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