Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Catching up, again

I always seem to be catching up with blog posts at the moment, I say that I don't go anywhere or do much, but lately there have been a few outings and things going so I thought I would try and catch up with some of them today.

Saturday was our Autumn meet up at the Nimble Thimble.  I do enjoy these get togetherness, It's a chance to catch up with lovely people and stitch all day with none of the distractions you get at home.  When we met up in April I didn't buy anything, I just didn't feel the need, however, this time I did succumb to temptation.
Putini Putini and Cottage Garden Samplings have some lovely charts and I love stitching Christmas and Autumn designs

I'd never heard of The Bee Company but just had to have these two cuties.  They both come with the little houses shapes, buttons and fabrics for finishing too.  

A couple of weekends ago I went to the Creative Crafts show at the NEC in Birmingham.  
I had intended going by train as it's way cheaper than the £16.50 parking charge, but there was a train strike that weekend so I ended up driving anyway.  I did save some money on the parking charge by pre-paying, still, £12.50 is still a fair amount for parking when you have to add the price of the show ticket on top.   Luckily I got a discounted show ticket which only cost £9.50.

My intention was to look for fabric for my new make at sewing class and also some sewing supplies.  I didn't get fabric as I thought they were on the expensive side and as I'm still learning I want to keep the cost down.  I did buy a few things though.

Pattern for place mats and table center, the fat quarters were purchased to make the table mat, I won't be making place mats.

A couple more patterns, both reduced, and a fat quarter of plastic coated fabric.

I also bought some tartan fabric and a fat quarter of fur fabric with something Christmasy in mind, and while it was still fresh in my mind I got on and made these last week.

I couldn't find a stocking pattern online so drew one myself, that was the hardest part of this project, I think I could have made the foot section a bit more boot shaped, but that's me being picky,  I am happy with them.

There was a bit of fur left over so I blinged up a plain red sleigh I'd bought from Home Bargains.

I just love how it looks now 🎅

Sunday was the Remembrance Day parade, many years ago when I was a Brownie this was a huge event, roads were closed and the parade went through the streets ending at the local church where there would be a service.  Nowadays our local parade and the service are held in the towns park, I suppose it's more to do with money saving than anything else, road closures and policing cost money.  There was still a good turn out nonetheless, although I didn't see any Brownies or Guides, no idea why.  
I took Oliver as Jenny was working and James' car was in the garage, thankfully the weather was dry and the temperatures are still very mild here.



Jo said...

Well they sound like lovely outings and you've made some wonderful purchases too. Those little houses are cute, nice that you get all the finishing things for them too. It looks like Oliver's been busy with all those badges on his uniform.

butterfly said...

Lovely post, love everything I would have brought the same just lovely.
Love the stockings and the sleigh.
We headed the march last Sunday and hubby read out a reading at church.
It was a lovely service and so many people came out, it was a lovely sunny day
thank goodness.
Have a lovely week hugs June.

crafty cat corner said...

Good to see a post from you, I haven't been posting myself as Tom is quite ill and I don't have the incentive. I will restart when things settle here.
Love the kits, haven't done cross stitch for years.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

The little sleigh looks super cute. The kits look promising too, I get seduced by kits and then they just lay in the cupboard, it's very naughty of me. I know you'll crack on and get yours done.

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely post and catch up :)

I particularly like the little sleigh.
Christmas is getting so close now, I did get a few more Christmas Cards, which I must start writing soon!

Enjoy your week.

All the best Jan

Lowcarb team member said...

PS A lovely photograph of Oliver in his uniform.

All the best Jan

Jackie said...

I used to take the Rangers and Pathfinders (levels up from Girl Guides here) to the ceremonies.

Love your patterns and the fabrics you did purchase. Your stockings look awesome.

God bless.

Debi said...

You picked up some lovely projects to work on this winter. Can't wait to see them finished. I really like your stockings. Stay warm!

MartinaM said...

beautiful diagrams, I like them very much. And the Christmas fabrics are adorable. Your trip was worth it.
enjoy your week

Clare-Aimetu said...

It's lovely to read you all still meet up at Nimble Thimble, lovely purchases. Oliver looked very smart in his uniform.

Poppypatchwork said...

You are going to be busy with all your kits. Oliver looks pleased in his uniform.

Linda P said...

You got some nice kits. It made the outing even more worthwhile and will keep you busy. I'm unable to do craftwork at the moment. That's a lovely photo of Oliver at the Remembrance parade.

Carol said...

You certainly found some lovely things to add to your stash, Maggie! I especially love the handsome reindeer. And it's always fun to find new fabrics! Really love your sleigh with the fur trim--it's so creative! I enjoyed seeing Oliver with all of his badges! He looks so proud--as he should. I know they take a long time to earn. Two of my sons were in Boy Scouts and the oldest was an Eagle Scout so seeing his photo brought back some lovely memories.

Take care now and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead ♥

meandmysmallcorner said...

I'm sure Santa would be very cosy with a fur lined sleigh like yours. It looks fab.
Lots of fun projects to do after your trip to the craft show.They all look lovely. Which will you do first?