Thursday 1 December 2022

December 1st

 I have no idea how the first of December came around so quickly, but here we are creeping toward the end of another year.

November has been mostly dark, wet and miserable, I think it's my least favourite month of the year.  I like all the seasons for what they bring and try not to wish the months away, the years go fast enough as it is,  I do particularly love Winter though, I love everything associated with this season much more than any other, perhaps it's because I was born in Winter that I love it so much, I'll take a cold, crisp, frosty morning over the heat of Summer every time.

For years our tree has gone up on December 1st, this year with the weather being so damp and wet I decided that I wanted some light and cheer in my life, so I decorated last week.  It's been lovely sitting here on a dark afternoon with the tree lights on, I find it very comforting and I can't help smiling when I look at it.

I didn't purchase a yarn advent this year, I have so many minis already that I couldn't justify the expense, but that doesn't mean I haven't got one.  

When Bonnie came to stay a few weekends ago I gave her a basket of minis and asked her to choose 24.  Mark supervised so that she didn't choose all the same colours and they put them in bags which then went into the stockings I made a few weeks ago.  She really enjoyed doing it and I have an advent calendar for free.

This is what I opened this morning

I haven't worked on my mitred squared blanket at all this year so I'm going to enjoy knitting up a little square each day up to Christmas.

I also have a tea light advent calendar, I do love to light a candle when I sit down in the evening.

What about you, is your tree up? and do you also have a lovely treat to open each day through Advent?



Jo said...

Your tree is lovely. We haven't trimmed up yet, we usually do it later in the month, though this year I had intended to do it on the 1st but time has got away with me today and we're out tonight so it will probably wait now until the weekend. I've bought the charity collaboration advent that Helen from Giddy Yarns organises again this year. It's fun to get yarn from different dyers and I like the fact that money raised from it goes to charity. It's a good idea to make your own, they can be very expensive.

butterfly said...

Your tree looks beautiful. I may decorate tomorrow.
Love your blanket. have fun to the run up, hugs June.

Heritage Hall said...

Maggie - Your tree is so lovely and welcoming. Alas, we discontinued the 9' tree and have replaced
it in the entry hall with 2 -4/12'lighted/decorated trees on either side of entry door and it worked out well. By the way, where might I obtain directions for your knitted squares. I am
finishing a large throw on circular needles that has wearied my arms. Doing a throw in your
small method would be a blessing....Have a wonderful holiday with loved ones.

Chris said...

Lovely tree Maggie we haven't even bought one yet, but our cards are done and posted, so we feel we're on track.

Lowcarb team member said...

Your tree looks lovely.
We did get the Christmas decorations up a few days ago and most of the Christmas cards are written and posted.
A few more presents to get organised ...

Have a lovely weekend.

All the best Jan

Jackie said...

Harvey has our large tree up downstairs, and I will be starting to decorate it tomorrow (probably going into Saturday). My small tree will be put up as soon as I get the cutting table down in the living room. That will hopefully happen next week some time. I am sure I will be finished cutting by then (well at least I hope so).

You have the perfect spot for your tree, and it looks absolutely fabulous.

God bless.

Poppypatchwork said...

Your tree is stunning, I've not put mine up yet. Love the idea to reuse your minis, I have loads I should use.

Carol said...

Your tree looks so very lovely, Maggie! I wish I could put mine up earlier, but with hosting Thanksgiving I am generally overwhelmed as it is. The tree is up now, but not decorated. I WILL get to that this weekend (hopefully!). That is a great idea for an Advent calendar--such fun for Bonnie, too. Your blanket is so pretty--I look forward to watching it grow. Happy December to you ♥

MartinaM said...

It's also foggy, wet and cold here at the moment, so you can only make yourself comfortable inside the house. Your tree is beautiful and creates a wonderful atmosphere.
With us it is tradition that the tree only on 24.12. set up, but he can then stay until the middle or end of January. Until then, we enjoy the light of arcades or fairy lights and candles.
enjoy your advent season