Saturday, 4 December 2021

Finishing the projects

Thank you for your messages of condolence following my last blog post, they all meant so much to me.  There has been so much to do this last week, things to take care of and things to decide on.         We are getting there, slowly.  It's not a nice job going through a parents belongings, and of course there is all the furniture too.  With the best will in the world it's impossible for us to keep everything, a lot will have to go to charity, we have tried as much as possible to donate items to animal charities, mum loved all animals so we are thinking that by donating there mum is also helping the animals she loved.


 This is not how I imagined my December would be and I'm so glad that I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done by December 1st, at least I don't have the added stress of gift shopping.  I promise myself every year that I will have it all done by December 1st but it never happens, except this year It did, how strange.

I thought before we got any further into the final month of 2021 I would share a couple of finishes with you.  I resisted starting anything new, although towards the middle of November I was itching to, I knew I had things prepared ready to start on the 1st of the month so that kept me focused.

First was this cardigan for Jacob

There wasn't a lot to do on this to get it finished, I stalled because I was getting close to the end and I dread the sewing up.  I go great guns at a new project then when I'm getting close to the end I start thinking about the sewing up and suddenly I loose interest, does anyone else do that?  
Once I set my mind to finishing it it didn't take too long, good job as it won't have much growing room.

Next to get finished was something I started in July

Bonnie was looking through a crochet book and asked for a lion.  I made the head, stuffed it and sewed on all the various bits, then I got distracted.  It had sat on the dining table since July because I knew I'd done the hardest part, all the rest was straightforward and I thought If it was sat there I might feel inclined to finish it.  Three months later, it's done.

He didn't have a mouth stitched on in the book and now I'm looking and thinking he might look better with one?  Bonnie was happy with him anyway.

I can't even remember when I started my next finish, I do remember starting it to try and use up some bright coloured Stylecraft Special DK I had.  It only took me a couple of nights to get finished in the end and now Bonnie has a lovely little blanket for her dolls.

I finished off two more projects since writing this blog post but I will have to keep those for another time as I haven't got round to taking any photos of them yet. 

I'll try and pop back again later in the week if I can as I also have some lovely advents to share.



Poppypatchwork said...

It's definitely a hard time for you, sorting mums things years ago brought so many memories. I love your finishes, I'm with you I so dislike sewing up.

Vickie said...

Such beautiful finishes Maggie. I am praying for you dear. I am so very sorry for your hurting heart.

Dee said...

Your finished projects look great. Mr. Lion definitely needs a mouth though. How will he roar without one.

Wishing you moments of peace as you go through your mom's things. We had to do that (wow - almost 2 years ago) with Steve's Dad's place. Some things brought back happy memories though. I hope you will find some of those too.

Jules said...

It's never easy dealing with the practicalities after the death of a loved one. Donating to the animal charities is a lovely idea.
Your makes are all gorgeous, but how cute is that lion! Xx

linda said...

All your finishes are lovely and well done on getting your shopping done in such good time. I know how hard it is having to deal with the all the practicalities and it will be even harder because of the time of the year, my heart goes out to you, try and focus on all the happy memories. Have a peaceful Sunday. xx

Jo said...

Lovely finishes. Yes, I do stall finishing off projects, mainly because the finishing of things is my least favourite part, there's either sewing up, framing or other fiddly bits to enter into, which I'm no good at so I do tend to put things to one side. It's hard having to go through a parents possessions, you feel you should keep things but as you say, it just isn't practical and there's no way we could keep everything. I'm sure your mum would be very happy that you're thinking of the animals, we did something similar, donating to a children's hospice charity when clearing my mum and dad's flat. It's good to know that you're helping others whilst having to do this sad task.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Wow you've finished so many projects, so satisfying and of course keeping busy at the moment will also be helping you to come to terms with losing your Mum. December is going to be difficult but know that lots of folk are sending you their good wishes. Jean

Jackie said...

I can remember sorting through Mom's personal items and then later all of Dad's. It is so very hard.

Love those buttons on the knitted sweater and the lion is adorable.

God bless.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Lovely finishes Maggie, take care of yourself and enjoy the memories of your Mum as you go through this difficult time, hugs x

Lowcarb team member said...

It is never easy sorting and dealing with everything after the death of a loved one. I know we donated a lot to favourite charities.

I do like your finishes, pleased you shared them today.

Sending my good wishes.

All the best Jan

Miriam said...

I like your last handmade works too.
Big, big hug,


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