Sunday, 3 July 2022

Hello July

I finished the socks I was working on last week.  Absolutely love this colourway, the yarn is by Tea Cup Yarns in the colourway Beach Ball.  In hindsight I should have knitted the heels toes and cuffs in a contrast yarn, It would have highlighted the lovely colours more I think.   There is enough yarn left over to knit a shorty pair so perhaps I could make some and try that out.

As with other socks, I knitted the heel from the tutorial by Crafthouse magic on Youtube, as I've done this heel a few times I can now knit it without referring to the tutorial.

I tried a different toe, from a Kay Jones pattern this time.  It leaves more stitches to kitchener but I don't mind that, and as with the heel, I can now kitchener without having to look it up, so I'm happy to have learned a couple of useful techniques so far in my sock knitting journey.

I like the little detail this toe produces.

The other thing I've done this past week is to make a liner for a wicker basket.

The basket had been in the garage for a while, I bought It from a charity shop a couple of years ago to keep my advent minis in, It was just a plain basket but to brighten it up I painted it white.

With the help of Youtube I made a liner for it, It was far easier than I imagined it would be and now I have cute storage to keep my sock project in, and my yarn doesn't keep rolling around the floor, bonus!

Plans for July - I had thought about taking part in Christmas in July but have now changed my mind.  Instead I'm going to focus on getting a few things completed, starting with those socks in the basket above.
Once those are off the needles I will work through my list and see how many I can get crossed off by the end of July.  My aim this year was not to carry any projects over from 2022 so I need to be mindful of finishing projects now that we are into the second half of the year.
  1.   Another pair of socks - (already knitted down to the heel)
  2.   Baby blanket - (already over half way)
  3.   Fully finish Prairie Schooler Santas stitched last year
  4.   Whitmoor jumper - (just the sleeves to knit)
  5.   Wildflower stitching - (this is in time-out, I have to unpick a section I miscounted)
  6.   Bonnie's birthday bunny - (needs sewing together and dress making)
  7.   Take at least 2 finished stitched pieces to be framed - (on it, one already taken in on Friday)
What do you think? I think everything on my list except for the Wildflower stitching is doable.  I need to be in the right frame of mind to unpick the stitches I miscounted and put the piece in a scroll frame, I was using a snap frame and it wasn't holding the fabric tight enough for me.  I do love the piece and would like to get it finished this year If I can.  I'd love to hear about your crafting plans for July, If you have any.



Poppypatchwork said...

Knitting to finish, Luna Lupins to make, and a new cross stitch to plan.

butterfly said...

I do love these socks love the wool .
Looks like you are all sorted untill the end of the year.
I keep making lists but can't seem to stick to them .
So I am plodding along , but have started stitching a few Christmas cards .
Enjoy your new week.

MartinaM said...

The socks are great, they have a nice color, just my taste.
A beautiful basket with great fabric, you did it very well.
Enjoy your time, Martina

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Rajani Rehana said...

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Jo said...

I love the colour of the sock yarn too, those are definitely my sort of colours. There's no stopping you now with your sock knitting, you'll soon have that second pair off the needles, in fact, I think you could manage to put ticks beside everything on your list by the end of July. No crafting plans for me this month, other than to find my crafting mojo, haha.

Jackie said...

Lovely socks, so very well done.

Not sure if I will join the Christmas in July, I have a few things to finish first. Perhaps Christmas in August is something I should aim for.

God bless.

Lowcarb team member said...

Those socks look great, lovely yarn.

All the best Jan

Carol said...

Your socks are so beautiful, Maggie! And I love the liner you made for the basket. Isn't it wonderful all the great tutorials that are out there on YouTube? Really so very helpful and generous of folks to create them.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend! ♥