Monday 30 January 2023

Making sense of all the brown threads

There hasn't been a lot happening this past week, although I do seem to have been busy, just nothing really to show for it, some weeks are like that aren't they?
 I thought I'd pop in with a quick stitching progress update on my bunny stitching.

I'm alternating between a week stitching on this project and a week on my Stick6in23 project, that way each gets a decent amount of time.

Not massive progress but I'm getting more used to changing all the colours now, although I did have to stitch the eye twice as I miss-read the symbols.  I've stitched on this a total of 12 times now.  In the past I've not been very good at keeping a record of when I start and finish a project, so this year I'm making notes and keeping track of when I work on something, hopefully I can carry it on through the year and not just through January 😉

Bunny has been put away for another week now while I work on my Stick6in23 project, which I will work on until Sunday night.   I'm on nanny duty for the rest of the but hopefully I can find a few hours here and there to get some stitching in.

Apologies if I haven't commented on your blog posts this week, It's been one of those weeks when I've been in and out the house almost every day.   I plan on setting aside some time in the morning to read your news.

Have a good week All



Jackie said...

The stitching is moving right along, and by working on two stitcheries you won't get bored.

God bless.

Lowcarb team member said...

It's coming along nicely ...

Only a couple more days and it will be February! I wish you a good new month.

All the best Jan

MartinaM said...

The little bunny is so cute.
Have a nice week,

butterfly said...

Love the bunny he is a sweet one.
Have a fun week hugs June.

Poppypatchwork said...

It looks brilliant, the mixture of colours make it, when I am making anything with a close mix of colours, I photocopy the pattern sheet and mark off in pencil where I have stitched, slow going, but accurate. Having said that tiny mistakes just would not show.

Bridgette said...

That bunny is just so cute! I love all the browns and how he is coming together. Sometimes our weeks are like that - enjoy the few relaxing stitches you can sneek in. ~Bridgette

Gill - That British Woman said...

love the bunny, I am busy with the Harry Potter bookmarks at the moment.

Solstitches said...

The bunny is so sweet. The variety of different shades of brown making it look so lifelike.
Happy stitching,

Jo said...

It's looking lovely. I think that working in a rotation is a good system, I did it with all my works in progress a couple of years ago and you can really see the difference in more than one project. Saying that, it's over a year now since I've picked up my cross stitch. I'm itching to start some new things but I really want to see some progress made on the things I've still got on the go first.

Manuela said...

The bunny is very cute.
Have a nice week. Manuela

Vickie said...

Oh he is just darling Maggie!