Monday 6 February 2023

Sew organized

I'm still going to my sewing class each Friday.  Holly holds classes on various days/evenings through the week, I think the maximum number of people she can accommodate in each class is ten, the Friday morning one I attend is only small, usually just the six of us, It's just about right.   We have got to know each other and there is no waiting to use the cutting table, irons or overlocker.  Everyone works on their own chosen pattern and at their own pace, a few of the ladies have been going longer than me but, like me they had limited dressmaking know-how to begin with and with Holly's help and encouragement are now making beautiful clothes.  Holly is lovely and is always on hand to assist in anyway needed, she has been sewing for years so has extensive knowledge.  

I'm very slow,  but I'm told that's good, taking your time and getting it right is the best way.  I'm not always patient when learning new things but I'm learning not rush the process, afterall, I want something that's wearable.  

This is my second me-made dress, Hinterland Dress by Sew Liberated.  I've seen it made by several people I follow on Youtube and it seems a versatile pattern.  The fabric I chose was a cotton by Rose & Hubble

I'm making the cap sleeve version and having a faux button placket, (I don't feel ready to tackle button holes yet!)  There will be pockets though, who doesn't love a pocket!
I can see it taking me at least into March to finish it as I only work on it in class on Friday.

Before Christmas I saw someone at our stitching group with a case to hold their stitching and I thought It would be perfect for holding everything to taking to sewing class so when Stevie asked what I wanted for Christmas I requested a sewing case.

There are two layers, this is what you see when you open it, plenty of room for all your bits and bobs.

Then underneath that is enough room to store whatever I'm making and a mesh pocket to hold your pattern, or in my case my leftover fabric.

And here it is all closed up.  I love it!  I was considering getting another sewing box to keep everything in but this is so much better, everything I need in one place and ready to go each week.

I'm never going to be a sewing expert but I'm enjoying the process and If I can make a few wearable garments along the way then I'll be happy.  I have made a deal with myself though, I will only buy a pattern and enough fabric to make that pattern when I'm ready to start the next thing.  I am determined not to start a fabric and pattern stash.



Debi said...

I wish we had sewing classes around here. I've been sewing for over fifty years but there's a lot I would like to learn. Can't wait to see how your dress turns out... love the fabric. Have a great week!

Poppypatchwork said...

Sewing is a precise art, so slow and careful is always best, I'm so glad you are enjoying class. Nothing beats sat at a sewing machine creating something perfect. As for button holes, practice as much as you can on scrap fabric, they are easy once you get the hang of them, and yes take your time to place where they are going. Can't wait to see you wearing your dress.

Jackie said...

Very pretty fabric, going slow and steady is just perfect.

That sewing case is really nice.

God bless.

Lowcarb team member said...

With any art or craft the important thing is to enjoy doing it ...

I like the material you are using and your sewing case was a lovely gift.

Enjoy your week.

All the best Jan

Gill - That British Woman said...

It's funny I enjoy sewing, just not clothing. I like that dress pattern though.

butterfly said...

Love your dress fabric , the bag is fab to.
I use to make my cloths years ago and my girls with my little singer sewing machine .
Now I have a beautiful new one with every thing on it and I hate it .
And it's put me off sewing .Every time I use it some thing goes wrong
I wish I still had my singer .
I am sure you will make some fab things .
Hugs June.

Linda P said...

A small group that you can go to and follow your interest must be something to look forward to. I like the fabric you're using and I'm sure being with others is good company. I haven't been able to do any embroidery or crocheting recently. We have a local craft shop which I would like to visit soon. The owner arranges classes for different kinds of craft. Enjoy your sewing sessions Maggie.

Miriam said...

I would like to learn to sew, but there aren’t sewing classes here where I live. You are very good with it as the dess has a lots of curls, folds...sorry but I don’t know the exact English word. Nice idea the sewing case .

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

That sewing case is a fab idea. Nice to make your own clothes, creating a bit of individuality and I would think money saving?

Carol said...

It sounds like a nice group in your sewing class, Maggie! Your dress pattern you've chosen is so cute--and you're right, LOVE a pocket! The sewing case is so pretty and looks like it keeps everything super organized. I'll look forward to seeing your finished dress!♥

Gill - That British Woman said...

I got a couple of Wrendale kits I think from Bothy Threads, along with Aida cloth

Chris said...

I love the case and agree its just perfect. I used to go to sewing class many years ago and learnt such a lot. I made a lot of my 4 children's clothes and was so proud of the duffle coats I made my 3 sons And my daughter had such pretty dresses and then slacks when she got older. It was a wonderful time. loved it every week.

Terra said...

Your dress is going to be so pretty when it is done, I like the relaxed style and the pattern of the material.