Saturday 9 September 2023

Summer's last hurrah

 Summer decided to make a comeback this week, just as the children went back to school! July and August were mostly a washout but this past week we have had temperatures of 30°C every. Single. Day.  Phew, It's been hot too hot to walk about really but you know what they say, only mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun! Ha ha.

Mark had a few days holiday this week so we decided to take a little over night trip to Upton on Severn, a pretty little riverside town about an hours drive away.  This was the view from our hotel room.

The town itself Is just one street really but there are a few interesting shops as well as the usual charity shops that seem to be in every town nowadays.  There was a lovely fabric and yarn shop and I might have bought some sock yarn home with me -  Only one ball though, I was good 😁
There was also the loveliest cafe / book shop that I've ever seen.  We spent a happy half hour in there, but I could have quite easily have curled up on one of the many chairs dotted around with my book and a cuppa.  In my dream house I would have a room like this, with bookshelves full to over flowing and big squishy sofas and leather armchairs.  In reality that's not likely to ever happen but I can dream 😉

Henry's Cafe and book shop - Upton on Severn

This was one of the houses along the river, Isn't it beautiful? Oh how I'd love a nosey round inside there!
 Now I bet this would have a room to accomodate my dream library with the squishy sofas🤣 

We had a lovely breakfast on Saturday morning and then set for to explore Tewksbury,  another historic riverside town a short drive away. 

The town of Tewksbury grew following the building of the Abbey in the twelfth century, the ground being consecrated in 1121.  Tewksbury is also in the History books as being the place where the Battle of The Roses took place in 1471 when The House of York were victorious over the Lancastrians.
Each July the battle is re-enacted at the Medieval Festival

Tewksbury Abbey, which apparently has the largest Norman tower in Europe

The town still has some lovely old black and white buildings, this one has a date under the window, 1765.  Hard to believe that these building have survived so long, I wonder if buildings of today will last as long, they certainly wont be as pleasing to look at if they do. 

If you love to browse around second hand bookshops then this certainly is the place to come! 
This was one of two book shops that I got lost in for a while.

We really enjoyed our couple of days away and didn't have to travel too far to have some time out and some lovely scenery.

September in the garden - We still have some bits of colour here and there, although It won't be long until I have to empty the planters, most are past their best now.  A lot of things haven't done as well this year, not as many roses and the hydrangea flowers haven't seemed to have lasted so long, the red one has been particularly disappointing, the leaves have been very small compared to how it looked last year.
I don't think I will plant as many pots up next year, the garden falls to me to look after as Mark has no interest in gardening at all, he will help If I ask but he wouldn't go out there on his own accord so I  may as well make it easier on myself.

Update on Molly - Since I wrote last time Molly had to visit the vets again, this time she spent two nights there.  I took her back because she hadn't pooped in two days.  Turned out she was a little dehydrated and constipated, the stitch they put in wasn't helping as there wasn't enough room for her to pass what was there.  Poor thing must have been so uncomfortable!
They took the stitch out, gave her a relaxant and put her on a drip to rehydrate her, she has also had a vitamin B12 jab to help increase her appetite.  After all that she finally 'went' and they were happy for me to collect her on Tuesday.  
Fortunately she hasn't prolapsed again, she will have to continue with lactulose to help her and have another vitamin B12 jab next week then the vet will want to see her again about a week after that.  Her blood test came back all ok so hopefully, (crossing my fingers), this is all a result of constipation, which can be sorted.

She's been out in the garden enjoying the lovely weather this week and I hope she will be back to her usual self soon



Lowcarb team member said...

What a lovely break away you had.
Really enjoyed your photographs from Upton-on-Severn, Henrys café and book shop is definitely my sort of place.
Tewksbury looks very nice too, wonderful photographs of the Abbey.

Nice that there is still plenty of colour in the garden.

Many thanks for the update on sweet Molly, hoping all continues to go well for her.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

All the best Jan

Poppypatchwork said...

I'm so glad Molly has been sorted and is on the mend. I too share your dream of a huge room full of books and comfortable chairs, hubby is a reader, so we would spend loads of time in there, as you say we can dream. Your garden is very colourful, like you I do all the planting, my hubby is my home help with lifting.

Dee said...

Your vacation sounds so lovely. I could stay in that town (and your room at the hotel) forever just looking at that river.

Good wishes being sent to Molly. Hope she is on the road to feeling just right again.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Fab news about Molly.

MartinaM said...

Oh how nice it is to be able to take a little time off. You've chosen a great spot.
And what interesting bookstores, I would like to stay there too.
I'm glad your Molly is feeling better.
See you soon,

Linda P said...

Lovely photos of your time away. Your garden looks colourful with many pretty flowers. I'm glad to hear that Molly is comfortable and feeling better.

Back2OurSmallCorner said...

Stunning views on your visit to Upton on Severn and the bookshop does look very inviting and cosy. Both Upton and Tewkesbury are near enough for us to get to quite easily so I will add them to our places to visit/revisit. Thank you Maggie, you do inspire me to go places.
You have been busy crafting over the Summer with your knitting, sewing and xst projects and they are all lovely. I do especially enjoy seeing the xst designs.
I'm glad that your family made it safely back from Rhodes.It must have been so worrying for you all. And them poor Molly! I do hope she is starting to feel more comfortable now.
After a Summer away from blogging, I'm back and enjoying visiting everyone again.
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Beverley ( formally meandmysmallcorner )

Jackie said...

What a lovely vacation. I can get lost in bookshops as well.

God bless.

Sandy said...

What a nice get away you had. Lovely Cathedral. I just got back recently from my 2 wk tour of The UK, and saw house boats like the ones in your picture while we were in Windsor, and many Cathedrals, Castles, and old houses. I don't think we build things to last nowdays, so doubt any of our stuff will be around very long. There's suppose to be significance in whether the white and black houses are straight lines or curved. One indicated the building was built by a local man, the other someone from elsewhere. I think from memory the curved timbers meant it was a local builder who prepared the timber planks in the woods when they fell a tree, then after the timber planks were ready they were moved to the location and the house constructed. You have far more flowers left than we do here. Things are pretty well spent. I've started the fall clean up of the flower beds, and know what you mean about the work. I'm going to leave you links to my regular blog and my travel blog where I'm blogging about the tour of The UK, thought you might enjoy visiting.
Traveling Suitcase

Sue said...

What a lovely break you had, the photos are lovely. Glad to read that Molly is doing well she looks happy again.
I'd love to have a reading room like that, you'd never see me again. Sue x

Jo said...

That sounds like a lovely break and you were lucky that the nice weather returned for it. I do love to discover a good book shop. You must have been spoilt for choice with two to explore. I'm so pleased that Molly is on the mend, she's such a cutie.