Sunday 3 December 2023

Are you Ready for December?

Well December 1st came around so quickly didn't? It? And Christmas is just around the corner. 
 I still have presents to buy, but strangely, I'm not stressing about It this year.  Usually by now I would be worrying about that, not this year.

A lot of my extra food shopping is done, I start putting bits away at the beginning of September, easier on the purse, saves all the panic buying and means I can put away things that we usually eat which might disappear from the shelves to make way for all the fancy, (and over priced), Christmas food.
 All that should be left to shop for in the last few days before Christmas are the fresh things.

I put the tree up last week, It's been lovely having the lights on especially as the days have been quite dark recently, makes the house look all cosy.

I'll post a close up of some of my stitched ornaments closer to Christmas, only a couple of new ones this year though.

This morning I've changed the bedding over for Christmas too.  I've only been using Christmas bedding for two or three years but I do really like it, I've got a few to choose from now, this one is new.  I tried to buy It last year but everyone had sold out, I managed to find it in stock at Wayfair this year.  Love the little houses.

I didn't purchase any yarn advents this year.   I already have so many mini skeins and I just couldn't justify spending that much money with no plan for using the yarn.  I will enjoy watching everyone else open their yarn advents though, either on blogs or through the many you tube channels I watch :-)

Something I did decide to do was cast on some Christmas socks on December 1st.
Hopefully they will be finished ready for me to wear on Christmas day.

This is the Vintage Tinsel colourway from West Yorkshire Spinners,  It's knitting up so lovely and is so sparkly, not sure you can see that from the photo

It turned really cold for a few days, and we had our first frost. a couple of days it was -4°, today it's all change again and we have rain.
The garden on the whole looks pretty bleak at this time of year but I couldn't resist taking a few photos on those frosty mornings, It makes some things look so pretty.

I wonder If this poor spider was as frozen as his web!

I had hoped to finish another abandoned project last week but I didn't have a lot of crafting time, there is only a little sewing up to do on it so It should be finished by the next time I post.

Next week Is another busy one, I have various grandchildren for three days and somehow have to fit in painting a bedroom as well - No rest for the wicked 😉

See you soon



Shrimpton and Perfect said...

OMG Maggie, I had trouble resisting clicking on Wayfair and ordering that charmimg bedlinen, you're such a bad influence, ha ha. I too am knitting socks, two pairs done with a third I need to finish this week. that tinsel yarn is yummy.

Back2OurSmallCorner said...

Those spider webs are wonderful with the frost on them. I hope the poor spider didn't freeze to death though.
Sparkly new socks to knit for Christmas, they will be perfect for keeping toes cosy and warm.
Your tree looks fantastic with all your personal touches as well.
Have a good week with the grandchildren.

Carol said...

Your tree is lovely, Maggie! I've been working on mine this weekend--I'm running out of room for my ornaments :) Love your Christmas bedding--it's such a cute design. Winter has a beauty all of its own and your photos capture it perfectly. Enjoy your busy week ahead ♥

Jackie said...

Lovely tree Maggie and the colour way on those socks is beautiful.

I am not ready for Christmas or December at all. Hopefully I will manage to be ready very soon.

God bless.

Sandy said...

The tree is so pretty. I love having the lights at this time of year. The Christmas bedding is adorable too. It got cold here last week too...even as far south as I am in America. Then it turned warm and wet. Enjoy your week.

DeniseinVA said...

Love your Christmas tree and other pretty decorations. Your frosty photos are lovely too. I hope your weather warms up for you all over there.

MartinaM said...

a beautiful tree and so many beautiful ornaments.
That looks really comfortable on you.
Your socks will have a great color.
Beautiful pictures, it's been really cold here for days.
enjoy your week,

butterfly said...

Fantastic photos , Love the tree and the bedding and knitting .
Have fun hugs June.

Poppypatchwork said...

We are ready for Christmas, your frosty photo's are lovely, we don't get the frost so much down south, I do love to see frosty spiders webs.

Manuela said...

Your Christmas tree looks so beautiful.
Enjoy your knitting.
Have a nice week. Manuela

Sue said...

Love the Christmas tree they light up the room in this gloomy wet weather. I've a pair of socks on the go but love the sparkly wool of yours. I'm Christmas shopping this week for presents now I've a few ideas of what everyone would like so hopefully it will just be the food shop to do.
Love the frosty photos xx

linda said...

Your tree looks lovely, I never thought of buying Christmas bed linen but what a lovely idea, I always use christmas tea towels and mugs from the 1st December and change my cushions so maybe bed linen too from next year. Lovely sock yarn I'm wearing my knitted christmas socks from a few years ago I love them. love your frosty garden photos everything looks so pretty. xx

Lowcarb team member said...

Your tree looks lovely.
I think your frosty garden photographs are rather nice, especially the spiders web one, although not sure if the spider was alright in the very very cold weather.

Enjoy your time with the grandchildren.

All the best Jan

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

I love your tree and the bedding is too cute! I love finding frost on flowers and plants and grass- it becomes intricate art, doesn't it? Have a Merry Christmas!

Robin said...

Catching up on blog reading and so enjoyed reading this post. Everything is lovely but your garden photos are standouts for sure. What a good eye for photography you have.

Robin in NJ